Maangayandi Vattayappam

There is one interesting story connecting Maangayandi Vattappam, it may be true or just folklore. Once, a washer man returned the washed clothes to its owner after a short interval 2 weeks. But when the owner wore the dhoti later, he felt that it’s slightly small. So he argued that the dhoti is not his. Even if the washer man tried to make him believe that the dhoti is really his, he was not willing to accept it and both approached the head of the village.

The serpanch asked him a single question, “Did you eat anything special this week?” and the owner answered that he ate a dish prepared using mango seed. As mango was plenty available, vattayappam using mango seed was made at home, and as the dish was so tasty, he ate it three times. The final verdict came in favour of the washer man. It’s said that if Vattayappam is made using mango seed, the body builds similar to the wood of a mango tree. It may be just a story, but the nutritious effects of mango seeds cannot be neglected.

Maangayandi Vattayappam

Through this column I would like to give this secret recipe of Maangayandi Vattayappam, a trademark sweet dish of Ernakulam district. A few things should be taken into note while preparing Mango Seed Vattayappam. At least three days will be needed for its preparation too. Only seeds of local mangoes are used to prepare Maangayandi Vattayappam. They simply give the best result. Also read: 100 varieties of local mangoes of Kerala. Shells of mango seeds are to be broken, and only the pulp (nut) inside it is used for this preparation. The nut should be soaked in water for three full days to remove its stain so that your vattayappam turns tasty. Also water should be changed every day.

Ingredients for Maangayandi Vattayappam (Mango seed Vattayappam):

1. Mango pulp after removing the stain – 1 kg

2. Jaggery melted and filtered – ½ kg

   Coconut scrapped – 1

   Cardamom powder – 1 small spoon

How to prepare Maangayandi Vattayappam (Mango seed Vattayappam)?

1. Grind well the mango pulp to a fine paste, and mix well with ingredients no: 2.

2. Spread it in round shape in a steel plate using hands, and steam cook it in steamer.

Courtesy: Vanitha Magazine, May 1-14, 2017

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