Kurian Chacko – Do you remember Danny from Manu Uncle?

Kurian Chacko is a character artist associated with Malayalam cinema. He is best known for playing the child artist, Danny alias Lothar in 1988 Mammootty starrer, Manu Uncle. In the recent times he returned to Malayalam screen. His role as magistrate in 2022 hit film, Saudi Vellakka was well received. He was spotted by the filmmakers through a Youtube video.

Kurian Chacko was 13 when he acted in Manu Uncle

It’s not easy to forget the mischievous kid Danny in comedy film, Manu Uncle. It’s best seen as a children’s film by kids a generation back. Kurian Chacko hails from Ernakulam. He sent application for Manu Uncle’s audition after seeing the ad, searching newcomer kids who can ride bicycle. His interview was at Kottayam. He did monoact and also did cycle test, and he got the important role in the film. Dangling a dead cockroach in front of the telescope to fool his uncle, the character played by uncle was one among the hilarious scenes played by Kurian in the film.

A break for 3 decades

Though Kurian Chacko got a magical entry to films, he stayed away from films for more than three decades. All these years Chacko never felt to return back to films. His re-entry to films was quite co-incidence. Saudi Vellakka’s team was in search of a character artist who can play witty magistrate in the film. The director Tharun was unhappy with the options given to him.

Later he spotted a person in a Youtube video, and felt like he fits perfect into the role of magistrate. His mannerisms, body language and way of talking impressed him. The team was surprised when they discovered he is Danny of Manu Uncle. But it took some time to get Kurian’s contact number. When Kurian was offered the role, he initially declined, saying films have changed a lot and requested them to search another actor.

Tarun told the film’s story, which changed Chacko’s mind and he agreed to face camera after years. After a long hiatus, the actor was nervous facing the camera. Yet he performed with ease and impressed everyone, thus making a glorious comeback. Hope, we can see this him more on screen, at least as a seasonal actor.

Kurian is a businessman. He is happily married to Neetha since 2001 and the couple has two kids. His family is not much interested to see him as an actor. His busy schedule is the only reason. Already he is busy with business.


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