How to Take Care of Your Silk Saree? Some simple tips

If you have kept your silk sari folded for a long time, it can be affected by fungus. So it’s a better choice to expose it often to sunlight and air. Also never keep sarees in the same fold for a long time. How can you take care of your silk clothes? Here are a few more tips.

1. For the first two-three washes, just dip in cold water and wash it using hands without using soap or shampoo. Next time, use some mild shampoo. If you use protein shampoo, your saris will shine better and it lasts long as well.

2. When you wash silk wash Pallu, Border and Sari’s body separately.

3. If stain falls to your silk sari, wash it off with cold water as early as possible. To remove it completely, dip those stained areas in cold water for a while and rub using cotton cloth.

4. Spread a sheet of paper on the top of the silk sari while ironing. There are chances for sari to get damaged with the heat. It’s always better to iron the sari with a little moisture content and fold it to keep in almarah.

5. If border of saris have sequences and stone works, fold it in such a way that it never rub with sari’s body. Hang them in a hanger inside your almarah.

6. Before first wash, check if your sari has chances to lose colour. Dip a small piece of cotton in shampoo water and rub it on sari’s body. If white cotton changes to colour, it’s a better idea to give the sari for dry cleaning.

7. Never put your silk in washing machine’s drier to dry it easily. It can damage the silk threads and results in more wrinkles as well. Dry your silk clothes in a shade place.

8. As time passes by, silk’s golden border may change blackish. To avoid this, wrap your sari in brown paper.

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