How to prepare rose water at home?

If you want soft skin like flower, make rose your friend. You can make rose water at home. Follow these steps. You can read one more preparation of rose water here.

How to prepare rose water at home?

Choose countryside rose flowers for the preparation of rose water and better avoid hybrid ones. Take 4 rose flowers and separate its petals. Take a big vessel and place a glass bowl at centre. Put the rose petals inside vessel and fill it with water. Never pour water inside glass bowl.

Bowl the contents and reduce the flame. Close it with a lid upside down. When vapours come out, put ice cubes on the top of the lid. The vapours formed while boiling rose petals, after reaching the lid, will fall on the glass bowl.

Put off the flame and don’t open the lid for next half hour. When it completely cools, you can pour rose water collected in the glass bowl to a bottle, and store it in refrigerator.

A few beauty tips with rose water

1. Rose water is an excellent toner. Dip cotton in rose water and apply on your face everyday before you go to sleep. The perfume of rose water also gives you a relaxed feel.

2. Add a vitamin E tablet to rose water and apply on your face. Your skin turns soft.

3. Add orange juice to rose water and apply on face. It removes scares and improves skin glow and beauty.

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