Get rid of those black heads and white heads without the help of a beautician

Black heads and white heads – real villains of beauty, which appear at nose tips, chins and areas surrounding both. White heads mostly appear due to oily skin, or due to the excess use of oily food items. If not removed, white heads change to black and called black heads. If not removed at right time, they get deposited at nose tips, chin etc and kill the beauty of skin. Cleansing methods like steaming, veg peel and scrubbers are used along with heads remover tool singly or combined to remove heads. It’s a bit painful too, if heads are deep and a few months old.

It’s possible to get rid of both without going to a beauty parlour. Let me suggest you a few methods.

Methi leaves Take a big spoon of methi leaves and grind well. Apply on parts with black heads and white heads. Clean off after 10 minutes using luke warm water. Continue this process for next one week to get rid of those heads permanently.

Milk & honey – Mix one big spoon honey with one small spoon milk, and heat in micro oven for 5-10 seconds. Mix it well and apply on areas with black heads. Apply it warm as a thin layer. Stick a cotton cloth on top and quickly rip it off after 20 minutes. Both white and black heads will come off with that cotton.

Mint leaves & rice powder – Make a fine paste of mint leaves, curd and rice powder. Apply on your face and rub well. Once it gets dried, sprinkle butter milk on your face, massage well and wash off.

White yolk of eggs – Take white yolk of an egg and blend it well. Apply it on areas with black heads. Stick a tissue paper on to it. When it gets dried apply one more layer of white yolk. Remove the tissue paper suddenly when egg yolk dries.

Milk & gelatin – Take 1 big spoon gelatin and 2 big spoons of milk and mix well. Warm the mixture in microwave oven for 10 seconds, and apply on areas of white heads and black heads. When it gets dried, remove it off as a mask. If you have an oily skin, use tomato instead of milk.

Cinnamon & honey – Powder a small piece of cinnamon. Mix it with one big spoon of honey to make a fine paste. Apply it on the areas with black and white heads, and stick a cotton cloth on top of it. After 3 minutes, rip off the cotton suddenly (similar to waxing). Black heads will come off with cotton. 

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