Gayathri Sreekrishnan – Malayalam singer of ‘Naazhiyuri Paalukond’ fame

Gayathri Sreekrishnan (1934 – 2019) is a less-known singer from south India best known for the evergreen song, ‘Naazhiyuri Paalukond Naadake Kalyanam’. She was one of the early playback singers of south Indian film industry. She passed away in June 2019 aged 85. A native of Kozhikode, for the past few months she has been staying with her younger son at Gaziabad, Delhi. She was survived with her husband Guruvayur Sreekrishnan, shortly called G. S. Krishnan, a flautist who now resides in Bangalore and two children.

Gayathri Sreekrishnan was born in Palluruthi of Kochi. When she was only 12 she got opportunity to sing with legendary singer Mohammad Rafi on stage, in a stage show at Mattanchery. She got initial recognition after this stage show. Later she graduated from St. Therasa’s college and started her professional career with Akashvani as an announcer. She got first break to Malayalam playback singing through a couple of songs for the movie, ‘Raarichan Enna Pauran’ released in 1956. Her duet with Santa P. Nair – ‘Naazhiyuri Paalukond Naadake Kalyanam’ shot her to instant fame. While working with radio station, she has composed and sang many songs, apart from scripting several radio plays.

Gayathri Sreekrishnan – Some interesting and less-known facts

1. ‘Jug Jug Jiyo Jawaharlal’ was the song sung by Gayathri with Rafi on stage, a song praising then PM Nehru. Singer Mehboob was also present in the chorus of the song.

2. Soon after sharing stage space with Rafi as a teenager, she was complimented by the legend and also invited her to come to Mumbai to pursue a career as singer. Years later she felt it as a missed opportunity.

3. ‘Thekkunnu Nammal Chakkayonnu Vaangi’ from 1956 film, Raarichan Enna Pauran was her first recorded song for movies. Though her song, ‘Naazhiyuri Paalukond’ from the same movie got noticed, she never pursued a career in playback singing.

4. She has acted with Thikkurussi Sukumaran Nair on stage.

5. In the recent times, she came to limelight on the occasion of golden jubilee celebration of ‘Naazhiyuri Paalukond’ song. She also gave numerous interviews for dailies and Tv channels at that time.

6. She was also a voice artist in Kozhikode Akashavani.

7. She has presented the popular kids’ show, Balalokam on Akashvani for many years, and she used the name ‘Chechi’ for presenting the show.

8. His husband retired from radio station of Kozhikode as station director.

9. Both her children are into art field. Her son G. S. Rajan is a flute expert and musician. Her daughter Sujatha das is a traditional dance and theatre personality.

10. She has recorded a duet with Kozhikode Abdul Khadar and a solo song, both penned by Vayalar.


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