Cushions for your interior – A few tips

To give a new and fresh look to your interior, one of the easiest ways is to bring changes to furniture, especially by changing curtains and cushions, and new pillow covers. Soft furnishing of a room can totally change your mood, both in a positive and negative way, and colours and designs also play an important role. When you buy new cushions for your living room or other living spaces of your interior or exterior, apart from beauty, give importance to your needs and preferences as well.

What type of cushion do you need?

1. There are no clear drawn rules for size or shape of cushions. You can choose based on beauty as well as for what purpose you are going to purchase. Square shaped cushions of 18 or 20 inches are common. If you want to use them as back support for chairs, bed or sofa, this one is the best choice.

2. Small cushions with size 10-inches are also available. But mostly they are used for decorative purposes only. Cushions are also available in rectangular shapes of low height, triangular shapes etc. You can choose different cushions and arrange in your workspace or bedroom, according to your creativity, thus improving the beauty of your sofa.

3. Special cushions are exclusively available for kids. They may have shapes of their favourite cartoon characters, stars, animals, moon and many more, mostly targeted to attract kids. Shapes of vegetables, fruits, alphabets, smileys etc are a few more in this addition. You can choose such ones for kids’ bedroom and studying room, or play spaces.

4. Bottom cushion is yet another type, used to put on chairs or floor. They may be of square or circular shapes and you can choose according to your use.

5. Now maternity cushions are also available, for pregnant ladies for their comfort sitting and laying.

Number of cushions placed is also important

1. In a single seat, you can arrange one big square shaped cushion, or one rectangle big and two small square shaped cushions.

2. In a two-seat, 2 or 4 cushions are better. Adding two hand-rests, you can also arrange two sets with two cushions too.

3. In a 3-seater sofa, three or six cushions will be a better choice. You can add two hand-rests and place cushions in between. It’s all about convenience and also a little bit creativity.

4. In a corner sofa, you can arrange 4-9 cushions. At corners 2-3 is sufficient. Place remaining ones close to handrest and mid portions of sofa.

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