Banoffee Honey Cake

Ingredients for Banoffee Honey Cake:

1. Biscoff biscuits – 250 gm, powdered

2. Butter – 100 g, melted

3. Nestle carnation caramel – 1 tin

4. Banana – 3, chopped into round slices

5. Whipping cream – 200 milli

6. Vanilla ice cream – For topping

How to prepare Banoffee Honey Cake?

1. Add butter to powdered biscuits and rub well to mix together, similar to steam cake.

2. In a cake tin, put butter paper, and spread a little biscuit-butter mixture as a layer.

3. Press it well and place in refrigerator for 30 minutes.

4. Pour two big spoons of carnation caramel on its top.

5. Spread chopped banana as layer 3.

6. Spread whipping cream on its top as next layer.  

7. If you want more layers, you can repeat the process.

8. Place a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top, and pour carnation caramel too while serving.

Courtesy: Vanitha Magazine March 5-18, 2022

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