20+ Chapati Tips for making your dish delicious

Chapati made using wheat flour is a staple dish for North Indians, and now it’s popular across India. It’s regarded as a very healthy dish, and any vegetarian or non-vegetarian side dish can be used as combo. Here are a few tips which you can take care of while preparing chapatis next time.

1. Use warm water to make dough of Chapati. Your chapati turns softer.

2. Add a little warm milk while making chapati dough. Your chapati turns softer, tasty and will get a pleasant aroma.

3. To keep chapatis soft for a long time, place 2 or 3 pieces of cleaned ginger along with them.

4. While kneading flour for chapati add a little grated carrot. Your carrot chapati is ready.

5. You can also experiment with finely chopped onions or a combination of onions and carrots to get tasty and nutritious variants of chapati using cooked & chopped palak or methi leaves if you are bored with routine and regular chapatis. 

6. You can compromise with your chapati by adding other nutritious grains too. You can add a handful of barley, ragi, corn or oats to make your chapatis.

7. After you prepared dough for chapati, place a moist cotton on top and allow it to rest at least for half an hour with lid closed. Your chapattis turn softer.

8. Apply a little butter or ghee while preparing chapati if you want to make them tastier. 

9. Make chappatis as soon as you spread them. Otherwise they turn hard.

10. Always use less amount of flour for rolling/spreading chapatis. Less flour chapatis consume, more soft they turn to be. 

11. After you make small balls from chapati, place a moist cloth on top to prevent them from drying.

12. You can apply a little oil on chapati balls before you roll, to make spreading process easier.

13. If you are not an expert to make round chapatis, you can use a container lid to make perfect round shapes for your chapatis and rotis. 

14. Add a little barley powder while kneading chapatti dough. Chappatti tastes better.

15. While spreading the chappattis, to get perfect round shapes, thinner its edges from all sides and spread it slowly. Chapattis will get good shapes. 

16. If you have prepared chappatti dough in excess, apply a little oil on its surface and store in refrigerator in a tightly closed container. Take it out from fridge 1 hour before use next time.

17. You can add a little sourless curd (or milk) while kneading dough for chapati. Chapati turns soft.

18. Whey left after the preparation of paneer can be used as water while kneading dough for chapati.

19. Add a pinch of yeast while preparing dough for your rotis and pooris. They turn soft. 

20. Want to retain freshness of cooked chapati? Wrap chapatis in a clean cloth and put inside an air-tight steel container. Pressure cook it till one or two whistles. 

21. Add a little grated carrot or chopped spinach to the dough while kneading. It adds nutrition, and make your chapatis colourful too.

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  1. coralcrue says:

    excellent tips. I’m intrigued about placing ginger to make chapati soft. By this, you mean that after cooking chapati, one has to keep ginger along with cooked chapatis in a casserole? please correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks again

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