15 Tourist Destinations of Thrissur District to Visit this Onam Season

Now it is Onam season in Kerala, and unlike other years, Keralities get almost 10 consecutive holidays to cheer this time. Though the festival season is almost over, sparing one or two days is enough to visit important tourist locations of Thrissur. Through this column I would like to give a brief description of 10 major tourist spots of Thrissur to enjoy with your family or friends. As monsoon season has ended and it is pleasant atmosphere everywhere, it’s one of the best seasons of the year to conduct a tour to different places of Kerala.

Athirapally waterfalls of Vazhachal

There are many dams, reservoir areas and forest locations in Thrissur. This column would be helpful for you if you have planned to visit Athirapally and other major tourist locations of Thrissur this time. 

1. Athirappilly Waterfalls – No: 1 Tourist destination of Thrissur

Stream below the famous Athirappilly Waterfalls

Nicknamed “The Niagara of India”, Athirappilly Falls is the largest waterfall of Kerala. It’s quite familiar to movie buffs of Indian movies, as many of South Indian and Bollywood films have been shot here. The waterfall was shown as spectacular in the popular film, Baahubali. It’s the favourite location of ace filmmaker Mani Ratnam who shot the films or song sequences of Dil Se, Guru, Kannathil Muthamittal, Iruvar and Raavan at Athirappilly. Two water theme parks – ‘Silver Storm’ and ‘Dream Park’ are on the way to the waterfalls from Chalakkudy.

Entry point of Silver Storm, Water Theme Park

The major waterfall is situated at Vaazhachal, and the second one at Charppa. Athirapilly is a wonderful tourist location, famous across India. Charppa waterfall is visible on the roadside, and Vaazhachal waterfall is just 2 kms away. Wide spread stream of Vaazhachal that ends as a waterfall and its banks make it a lovely spot and hot favourite for many. Poringalkuthu Hydel Tourism Centre is 10 km away from the site, situated on forest path. It stays as the gateway of tourists to Sholyar Rain forest on the Western Ghats. It’s famous for its dam and lovely scenary. Poringalkuthu, Aana Kayam and Sholyar Dam View are the major spots. 

2. Thumboormuzhi Dam and Butterfly Park

They together form the opening windows to tourists to Athirappilly. A hanging bridge connecting the centres – Thumboormuzhi and Ezhattumukham across Chalakudy Lake is the major attraction. A butterfly park and children’s park with a lot of playing equipment also attract many. This tourist spot frequently conducts food festivals and cultural events during Onam and summer seasons. Thumboormuzhi is 45 kms distant from Thrissur main town.  

3. Malakkappara Hill Station 

Penstock at Malakkappara Hill Station

The main attraction of this hill station is a pleasant climate comparable to Ootty and Munnar. It’s also possible to see wild animals so close. A pleasant journey through the tea gardens during the misty time is an unforgettable trip. Malakkappara Hill station is 115 km away from Thrissur main town. A tourist can also book for rain yatra, jungle safari, hill safari etc with Athirapilly-Vazhachal Destination Management Council in advance.  

4. Peechi Dam with a visual treat

Beauty of Western Ghats with pleasant climate is the highlight of Peechi. Main highlight is the dam built on Manali Lake which originates from Vellani Mountain. A pavilion is set on the nearby hill, from where 3/4th of the water reservoir project is visible to tourists. Though monsoon rains fell below year’s expectations, Peechi dam has been a popular spot of tourists this year also.

Garden Top View of Peechi Dam

The garden has been renovated, and children’s park, botanical garden, dancing waterfall, butterfly garden and K. F. R. I are other major attractions of Peechi Dam. There are facilities for accommodation in Peechi house, and small restaurants as well.

Peechi dam lies 8 kms away from Pattikad on Palakkad-Thrissur National Highway. It’s 21.2 Kms away from Thrissur Shakthan Bus Stand, and bus services are also available. 20 and 10 rupees are the ticket charges for adults and kids respectively.    

5. Chimney Dam and Wild Life Sanctuary

It’s a wonderful tourist spot for many. Known for the forest area with abundant natural resources, there are many attractions to attract the tourists, specifically – water travel, Butterfly Park, waterfalls inside forest area, aquarium, trekking etc. The whole attractions revolve around Chimney Dam, the biggest irrigation project of Thrissur district.
To promote eco-tourism, trekking and bamboo rafting are the major highlights of the sanctuary to attract tourists. Travellers can set tents, camp fire and cook food inside the forest area. In deep forests of Aanapporu, there are huts build on the top of trees where tourists can stay. These bamboo huts are locally called Erumaadam in Malayalam language.
There are many colourful scenes inside the forest area of Chimney dam. Among all waterfalls inside the forest, Chooral Thala waterfall is most famous. A bath from this waterfall is termed as ‘Water Therapy’ by travellers. Mulappara is another favourite spot of travellers inside the jungle.
Chimney Dam is 27 kms inside to Amballur which is situated on Mannuthi-Angamali National Highway. The route passes through the beautiful places – Palappilly, Velooppaadam, Pulikkanni, Pillathodu and Cheenakkunuu. Cultivation areas of Palappilly, small waterfalls, Kallaikunnu of Velooppaadam nicknamed as ‘Wagamon of Thrissur’ etc are major attractions. As soon as the forest route connecting Athirappilly, Chimney and Peechi becomes a reality, it definitely opens big doors of tourism to Chimney dam and areas surrounding it. 

6. Vazhani Dam with amazing construction structure

Vazhani Dam is built on Vadakkanchery Lake in pure traditional way using mud, which makes it a wonderfully constructed dam. It’s very rare to see a dam built using mud. Its reservoir has 255 hectors and is solely meant for the purpose of irrigation. It was built in 1962 in Thekkumkara Panchayat of Thalappilly Thaluk with a height of 792.48 metres. Vazhani Dam is 9 km distant from Vadakkanchery centre.    

7. Poomala Dam

Poomala Dam

Poomala is a beautiful village very close to Thrissur main town. There are several ‘Muniyaras’ – places where old saints meditated and did tapas. A small dam situated 94.5 metres above sea level, and another dam situated at Pathazhakund are major spots of attraction. It’s a visual treat to watch Thrissur town from the top of the mountain at nights. Poomala dam is situated 12kms away from Athani of Thrissur. 

8. Vilangankunnu Hill Station 

Children’s Park of Vilangankunnu which offers a spectacular scenary of Thrissur town, paddy fields and Arabian Sea

Vilangankunnu is a hilly area of the beautiful Adat village, 6 kms away from Thrissur town in the Guruvayur route. The hill is visible in same perpetual manner, though observed through different angles, earning it the name – Vilangan. The top of the hill is around 5 acres, at a slope of 80 degrees from below. The maidan on the top is the major spot, provided with a children’s park and a small garden. It’s a spectacular scene to watch koel paddy fields and Thrissur town including the residential project – Shobha city from the top of this plateau. Arabian Sea, Sahya Mountain Ranges, Perumala Mountain and Thayyoor Kotta are also visible from here.

A lost sight of rural Kerala – A statue at Vilangan

9. Snehatheeram Beach 

Stone pathways and steps constructed on sea shore

It is situated in Thalikulam of Thrissur District, and to promote tourism, several cultural events are food festivals are conducted here every year. It lies on the coast of Arabian Sea, and several constructions are made to sit and watch the sea. A children’s park and restaurants are also available. Sea food dishes are served in the restaurants near the sea shore. People often come here to have a sea batch, and there are separate areas for men and women.  

Entry Point to Snehatheeram Beach

10. Thrissur Zoo or State Museum

Thrissur Zoo is one of the oldest among zoos of India, started in the year 1885. It is situated in Chembukavu of Thrissur town, and occupies 13.5 acres. Apart from birds, animals and reptiles, a historic museum, boat used by Shaktan Thampuran and skeleton of Chengaloor elephant, the tallest elephant of the state are other attractions.  

Entry Point to Museum

It functions from 10 am to 6.30 pm and is 2 km away from Thrissur Swaraj round. 20 and 5 rupees are the ticket charges for adults and kids respectively, and a family of parents and two kids need to pay 40 only. 

11. Palace of Shaktan Thampuran

This palace was renovated in the year 1995 in Kerala-Dutch architecture by the most famous ruler of Kochi – Shaktan Thampuran. Nicknamed as the ‘Architech of Thrissur’, Shaktan Thampuran ruled the princely state during the period, 1790-1805. Also known as Vadakkekara Kottaram (Palace), galleries and several objects of heritage value are the major attractions.
It’s a two storied building, with a traditional Nalukettu. The palace also has a very ancient Serpent Grove, a heritage garden of several plants and trees and an archaeological garden which includes many collections of Stone Age. It is situated near to corporation stadium. 

12. Anakotta of Guruvayur for Elephant Fans 

Anakotta of Guruvayur

Thrissur is famous for elephants and elephant festivals collectively called Pooram. For people who visit Guruvayur temple, Punnathoor is the best place to visit elephants. The Elephant Camp is located in Punnathur Kotta, just three kms away from Guruvayur temple. 54 elephants are protected here, and a visual treat to all elephant fans. It’s very are to see more than 50 elephants at a single camp. Ticket costs 5 and 2 rupees for adults and kids respectively. Photography and videography are strictly prohibited here. 


13. Chavakkad Beach

Chavakad Beach at Sunset

It’s the no: 1 beach in the district of Thrissur and one of the best tourist destinations too. The vast beach has a distance of about 2 km, making it a wonderful attraction. A park with special sitting arrangements is also made in the shore to promote tourism. The park is situated near to sea shore, and so a visitor can enjoy the sea beauty by sitting in the park. Munakka Kadavu – a point of union of sea with lake is only 8 kms away from Chavakkad. A few Pulimuttu are also located near to Munakka Kadavu.

If you are planning to visit Guruvayur temple, you can add Chavakkad Beach and Anakotta of Guruvayur to your wish list. It’s only 5 kms away from the famous Guruvayur temple. Palayur Marthoma Church, Manathala Juma Masjid, and the fishing harbours – Banglavum Kadavu and Munaikka Kadavu are other destinations close to Chavakkad beach. The beach is 30 km away from Thrissur town. PWD rest houses are available if you want to stay. 

14. Azhikode – Munaikkal Beach of Kodungallur

A lovely set at Azhikode beach

It’s one of the wide spread beaches of Kerala, and owns a special place in the tourism map of the state. The union point of Arabian Sea and lake – Azhikode – Munaikkal Beach is quite popular for its calm and silent nature. The calm and wide spread sea makes it a popular destination of tourists. Munaikkal Beach is just 8 kms away from Kodungallur town – the gateway of three major foreign religions to Indian sub-continent (Christianity, Islam and Parsi).

A journey through Puli Mutti spread across the sea shore during sun set time in a delight. The shades of the trees of casuarina forest is another attraction. Beach is 1.5 kms away from Puthenpally centre. Marthoma pilgrimage is just 2 kms away from Azhikode beach. Kodungallur too is a famous pilgrim place. Kodungallur Sree Kurumba Bhagavathi temple and India’s oldest mosque, Cheraman Juma Masjid are the major destinations of main town. 

15. Heritage of Kottappuram

Kottappuram also owns some cultural and historic values. The heritage fort – Kottappuram Kotta, Amfi Theatre, sea shore and market are the major attractions of Kottappuram. A boat service named as ‘Hope On – Hope Off’ connecting 8 historical museums is associated with Kottapuram Water Tourism project. Kottapuram Kotta, Paliyam Palace, Paliyam Nalukettu, Chedamangalam Sinagog, Marthoma Church, Pallipuram Manjumatha Church, Cherai Sahodaran Ayyappan Memorial and Paravur Jude Church are the places connected to this water-tour program.
The journey starts at 9.30 am and returns by 5.30 pm. 550 rupees is charged for an adult and 400 for a child. A reduction of 100 rupees is allowed for senior citizens. School students are charged with 325 rupees only, and a family comprising of parents and kids below 12 years need to pay 1500 only.

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Image source: Self and Wikipedia

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