When I watched ‘Yeh Lamhe Judai Ke’ – A horrible experience from my past

I am a great fan of Shah Rukh Khan and I am really crazy in watching his movies. I never miss even a single movie of King Khan. Years back in 2004, a movie was released – ‘Yeh Lamhe Hai Judai Ke’, a delayed project of 10 years. When it got released I searched to see it online. Accidently when I got its link I got really excited. I thought I will get an opportunity to see the innocent face of SRK long before DDLJ and I have also seen the beautiful face of Raveena Tandon in a song, the time when she looked gorgeous. Also, I assumed that, though the movie may not be an amazing masterpiece, as it is SRK movie, it’s surely worth watch once and perhaps it may make me remember my school days when I used to watch Shah Rukh and Raveena movies repeatedly.

With lot of expectations, I started watching the movie along with my evening tea. I thought it will be refreshment to my online job too. But let me tell you, it was a horrible experiment; perhaps it’s the worst SRK movie I have seen ever. When I sat before my PC spending two hours useless I wondered how I was able to do so; the team behind ‘Yeh Lamhe Judai Ke’ should give me a special award for me and my patience and also to those audience who had gone to theatres to watch this movie as soon as it was released, thinking it will be ‘Mughal-E-Azam’ of present times! I even thought about ‘Mughal-E-Azam’ for a while – the historic movie that broke all box office records of Indian cinema even though it took long 11 years to complete.

The movie is about a pop singer, his singing career, how he gets drifted from his love interests and how they got separated forever. Continue reading to know about the late release of Shah Rukh jee; perhaps the worst movie of his career. – A Jigsaw puzzle for you people to solve. I doubt if SRK would have allowed Yeh Lamhe Judai Ke’ to release, if he has watched it once!

Clueless love story which turns a murder mystery

SRK looks cute and innocent in the song, Tera Naam Lene Ki, which was later used as ‘Tumhare Siva’ for Tum Bin

Actually, from the beginning till its end, I was wondering what’s happening, why Raveena and SRK got separated and why they never meet. Perhaps Yeh Lamhe Judai Ke the only movie of SRK, where his character gets opportunity to see his heroine only twice after the childhood – a song sequence (though it was fully filmed on childhood characters, but given Kumar Sanu’s voice – A unique and horrible experiment ever done by a Bollywood director!!) and just before her death. Whole throughout the movie, we saw beautiful Raveena in tears with telephone in her hand, to receive SRK at other end – an incident that never occurred till minutes before her death. But till the end of the movie, I was not able to find the reason why they drifted apart. Like 2002 movie Devdas, SRK spent whole time drinking and crying (saying a few dialogues too) without searching his girlfriend or calling her. I had to check Wikipedia to know what the movie is really about!  

I read from a review that it was producer’s dream to see this movie onscreen and hence he assembled each and every bit he had, and made it in such a horrible way that none can understand what’s going on. I should really appreciate his courage to release this incomplete movie after 10 years, killing all the characters and adding new ones to carry it for a while. I even thought of giving a special prize to Mr.Khan to allow the producer Surinder Kapoor to release it after 10 years, a ‘great movie’ to spoil his image! I read in its review – was SRK searching for his girlfriend or his lost script????

Yes, it’s really a suicide attempt to spend 2 hours to watch this movie and if you are a diehard fan of SRK, you can surely take this challenge. You can also hear songs of musical hit – ‘Tum Bin’ sung by Kumar Sanu with Shah Rukh’s sync-lip, and also ‘Tumhare Siva’. But lyrics are different – Yadein Teri Yadein and Tera Naam Lene Ki respectively. Perhaps Nikhil-Vinay might have used its songs in ‘Tum Bin’ thinking that ‘Yeh Lamhe Judai Ke’ will never see theatres in its life time. Perhaps the only actor who might have felt happy to see this movie got released is none other than Raveena Tandon. She looks so charming, though we see her crying always! But she cries beautifully as a charming beauty, agreed!

Charming Raveena in Tera Naam Lene Ki song sung by Kumar Sanu. SRK was also featured in the song

It was better to use those child artists in the leading role of Shah Rukh Khan and Raveena Tandon. After all it took 10 long years to get finally released, and the kids would have better fitted the roles of lead pair when the film got finally released. If so it would have been written in record books of world cinema to wait child artists to grow and cast them later in adult roles as well. If so, audience would have never struggled with decoding an incomplete script by filling the voids with their imagination. So, what’s your program today? Go and watch the movie and enjoy the performance of SRK and a set of dubbing artists who have dubbed for SRK and his team. What a team work! Go and watch it once, it’s worth a heart attack or a suicide!!!!

One tip to follow: Never think logically while watching this movie. There are a lot of puzzles and unsolved mysteries for you people to solve. It resembles a JIGSAW puzzle a lot. You can cut them to pieces and assemble in any way as you please. If you are interested in narrating a story by adding your imagination, ‘Yeh Lamhe Judai Ke’ could be the best choice!

NB: I am sharing my horrible experience with you people, happened a few years back. Please don’t take it too seriously. Just add a pinch of salt and read this one as a humour post only.

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  1. Dr anish says:

    Many of Srk movies ,I go through the same experience.i wish most of them were not released.going behind girls who are single, engaged, married is most of his story.i don’t know why people didn’t like jab Harry met sejal

  2. Sherie says:

    Watching now, having same experience. Total waste, worst ever! And i also agree about comparison with Devdas, where SRk also spent whole time drunk and crying!!

  3. Sumit says:

    And today is my day. I could have read ur review before! Guess? Why I am here! To find out the logic behind the movies lol

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