Thrissur celebrates ‘Thrissur Pooram’ on Sunday 21st April

No doubt Thrissur Pooram is the biggest temple festival of Kerala. Temple festivals of Thrissur are known as Pooram and Thrissur Pooram is also known as ‘Pooram of Poorams’. It’s ever the biggest elephant festival of Kerala where you can see about one hundred decorated elephants standing face to face, 50 each in a row before Vadakkumnatha Temple. It’s a spectacular scene to watch; no words in dictionary can describe its beauty. Last year, for the first time I got the opportunity to see Thrissur pooram live in front of my eyes. As I am residing in Thrissur town now, as last year this time also I can see the visuals of ‘elephant treat’. Tomorrow is sample fireworks and soon after Pooram you can see the real competition between the competitors. Thrissur Pooram is celebrated on Pooram star of Malayalam month Medam.

 Kudamattom during Thrissur Pooram

I am sure, you might have heard about Thrissur Pooram and elephant festivals. Yet, let me describe in brief, how it’s conducted. It’s strange to know that, though the Pooram happens in Vadakkumnatha temple ground, this temple is not participating in the celebration; it’s just a spectator who watches the game. The real competition is between Thiruvambady Krishna temple and Paramekkavu Bhagavathi temple and competition happens on Thekkumkatt Maidan. Obviously fireworks following the elephant pooram belong to these two temple groups. The two groups, western group and eastern group consisting of 5 temples each pay obeisance to presiding deity Siva on this auspicious festival.
Now let me give a brief note on Panchavadyam, played by traditional vocal instruments during this festival. Ilathalam, Thimila, Maddalam, idakka and wind instrument, Kombu. As five instruments are used, it’s known as Panchavadyam. Kudamattam also needs special mention. It’s the colourful display of beautiful umbrellas by both sides during the festival. Main elephants, one from each side gets the fortune to carry thidamb (idol) of the temple . Obviously it will be the best elephant will all ‘lakshans’. Each elephant will be decorated by nettipattam, aalavattam and venchamaram. Do come to Thrissur once during Pooram season to witness the real charm of ‘aana pooram’ (elephant pooram).
Let me remind – this year 45 elephants participate from Thiruvambady group and 47 from Paramekkavu. Go through this link to see the second highest elephant of Asia, carrying the idol of Subramaniya in Cheeyamkuzhi temple pooram. You can see a few more images too. All pictures belong to Cheeyamkuzhi temple festival.

Thechikott Ramachandran at Cheeyamkizhi Pooram

Image source: Wikipedia 

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