Thomas Chazhikadan – First time parliamentarian in the 17th Lok Sabha

Thomas Chazhikadan is a well-known politician and parliamentarian from Kerala, who has been active in politics since 1991. Two-term legislator and first time parliamentarian, he was earlier associated with Indian National Congress, and currently a leader of Kerala Congress (M). In 2019 general elections, the party formed alliance with UDF and successfully contested from Kottayam constituency. He is one among the 19 winning UDF candidates of Kerala out of 20 who contested in 17th Lok Sabha elections. When BJP fully dominated the election results, he along with his party managed to withstand the hysteria of ‘Modi Magic’ created across the nation.

Thomas Chazhikadan hails from Ettumanoor, and was born in 1952. He is a Chartered Accountant by profession and his entry to state politics was so unexpected. His younger brother Babu Chazhikadan was a politician, who was expected to contest 1991 state assembly elections from Ettumanoor. Following Babu’s death, party named Thomas as Congress candidate and he won elections as well. He retained the seat in 1996 state assembly elections as well, thus serving as legislator for long 10 years. In 2019 he entered Lok Sabha elections contesting from Kottayam. He defeated P. C. Thomas of BJP and V. N. Vasavan of LDF, and scored 46.25% votes polled.

Thomas Chazhikadan – Some interesting and less-known facts

1. There were a lot of controversies within UDF about the selection of candidate for Kottayam constituency. Amidst controversies and hot debates, the founder of Kerala Congress (M), K. M. Mani passed away in 2019.

2. To choose Thomas as UDF candidate was so much unexpected, when the veteran leader Joseph openly expressed his desire to contest this time.

3. Though he couldn’t cross the record majority of Jose K. Mani in last Lok Sabha election, he won the seat by a majority of 106259 votes.

4. Jose K. Mani served as the MP of Kottayam for the last two terms. When he got nominated to Rajya Sabha, the seat became vacant, and Thomas Chazhikadan got his first chance to contest.


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