Tasty Pasta and Noodles – A few cooking tips

1. Never pour olive oil into the water while boiling pasta. If so, when you add sauce to pasta later, it won’t mix easily.

2. When you prepare pasta, add equal or more quantity of vegetables. Also, never overcook pasta.

3. As per Italians, sauces and ketchup should not be added to pastas as they are unhealthy. They use sauces as dips for French fries and similar dishes.

4. Soon after you cooked and drained pasta, place pasta under direct flow of water from a tap. Your pasta won’t be overcooked or turns pasty.

5. While frying vegetables for noodles, use ghee instead of vegetable oil to add an Indian desi touch to your dish.

6. Never use coconut oil to prepare pasta, noodles or any other Italian and Chinese dishes.

6. While frying vegetables for noodles and fried rice, use high flame and cook in a short time. Never overcook vegetables. Cabbage, carrot, capsicum, celery, spring onions and beans – these vegetables can be used for stir fry, and add scrambled eggs too.

7. Use excess water for boiling pasta and noodles. Drain water when it is 3/4th done. It gets cooked in the remaining heat. Otherwise cook it well and place under direct cold water to avoid over cooking and sticking. 

8. Never throw away the water left after cooking pasta. It can be used to prepare pasta sauce.

Image source: Pixabay

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