Major Waterfalls Associated With Peechi Dam

The monsoon has already begun, and now it’s season of waterfalls and nature’s bliss. A beautiful season of travellers to God’s own country, let us account a few of the beautiful waterfalls associated with Peechi Dam, in Thrissur district of Kerala. Now rain has turned intense, and some of the waterfalls near to Peechi dam are getting ready to celebrate the season. Many tourists reach here, to enjoy the unlimited flow of water through waterfalls and rivers during rainy season. These waterfalls originate from Vellani hills, Kallakunnu hills and Kuthiran mountain ranges. If Kerala tourism is able to connect these waterfalls of Panassery Panchayat by some tourism project, it would be a great step to promote Kerala tourism. Now also the project is only in pipeline. Let us see a few of them.

Pattathipara Waterfalls

This waterfall is situated 2 km away from Thrissur-Palakkad NH road, and a traveller has to divert from Chemboothra road and travel 2 km north to reach this place. There is a story behind the interesting name of this waterfall. As per folklore, a Brahmin lady (Pattathi in colloquial language) came to this place to collect firewood. She fell off from the rocks and died, and that’s why it’s called Pattathipara.

Pattathipara Waterfalls

When rain turns intense, travellers reach here in folk every day. Rocks with steep cut and waterfalls, which originate from Vellani hills have some extraordinary beauty during rainy season. It’s possible to travel safely from the top of rocks and reach beneath the waterfalls. Yet there is no specially constructed path for this purpose, and hence difficult to walk through in the rainy seasons. You can enjoy the waterfalls from June to December.

Orappankettu Waterfalls

This waterfall comes on the way to Peechi Dam. Orappankettu is 1 km south from Orappan Para (Orappan rocks), and it’s responsible for the construction of Peechi dam. Long before dam came into existence, for agricultural purposes, local people used to extensively block the flow of water, though by unscientific means. It came to known by the name Orappankettu later. Years later, engineers realized the feasibility of dam in this area seeing Orappankettu. They also looked into the geographical factors which well-suited dam construction. The rocks and waterfalls add extra beauty to Orappankettu. Yet tourists need to take extra safety measures while travelling through these places.

Poovanchira Waterfalls

This waterfall is located in Mannuthy-Vadakkancheri National highway. A traveller needs to take diversion from Chunnanna Mannu, and travel 3.5 kms north to reach Poovanchira waterfalls. The waterfall is in its intense beauty during rainy season, while it’s even not possible to trace it in hot summers. Transportation facility is not in full swing right now, and buses reach here only 4 times a day. But roads are good in good condition, and hence you can use private transport. The waterfall originates from the vast mountains, which are far away from eye sight.

Kallakunnu Waterfalls

The name of the hill – Kallakunnu is linked to two local thieves, Peeru and Shekhandan, who used to hide here after thefts. Kallakunnu waterfalls originate from this hill and reaches Peechi dam. On Vaniyampara NH road, a traveller can take two alternate paths to reach here; either take Kombazha route or Vaniyampara route and travel 1.5 kms northwards. As it is a part of Peechi wide life sanctuary, you need to take special permission to enter here. Also the road travels through private properties, making the process a little more difficult.

The waterfalls reach downwards taking three channels – named as first, second and third. It’s bit risky to walk through slippery rocks, but loved by those who love adventures. It indeed gives a unique trekking experience.

Anavari Waterfalls

Anavari resembles the background of a beautiful film song, with hectares of grasslands and water as major attractions. A part of the reservoir of Peechi dam, Anavari’s beauty reaches its prime during rainy season. It’s a major destination for film shooting too. One has to travel 6 kms south from Vaniyampara to reach here. Wild elephants reach here in folk to drink water, and that’s why the place got this name.

Mattungalkuthu Waterfalls

This place is exclusively for those who love forests and adventures. It falls at the end portion of Kuthiran wild life sanctuary and trekking area too. From the reservoir level of Peech dam, on different steps which lead towards the centre portion of Kuthiran-Vellani Mountain, you can see Mattungalkuthu. This waterfall is visible only during rainy season, and completely disappears during summer. The rain water from the east zone of Vazhani reaches here as waterfall. This place is free of wild animals and reptiles. Monkeys, Malabar giant squirrels, sambur, wild pigs and different kinds of birds add extra attraction to the location.

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