Giri Babu – Veteran character artist and comedian of Telugu cinema

Giri Babu is a veteran actor associated with Tollywood, best known for playing supporting roles and comic roles. He has also scripted, directed and produced a few films. He is associated with cine industry since mid- 1970s and in the past four-and-a-half decades, he appeared in more than 550 films. He launched Jayabheri Art Pictures – a film production company with his friends. His son Raghu Babu is also a popular comedian of Telugu cinema.

Giri Babu was born into an agricultural family in 1943 in Ravinuthala village, Prakasam District in Andhra Pradesh. He got married at the age of 20, and has two sons associated with cine field and one daughter. Jagame Maya (1973) was his debut flick in which he played a villain’s role. With 1977 onwards he got more film offers. Devathalara Deevinchandi in 1977 was one of his major releases, where he became a part of ensemble cast of Telugu remake of Nagin. Kurukshetram (1977) and Karunamayudu (1978) helped him to establish as an actor. Initially he did positive roles, with some lead roles in the 1970s. He turned a busy actor in the 1980s, and donned negative roles most.

With 1990s he moved to positive character roles. As a film actor, some of his best roles in the recent past are Athadu, Madhumasam, Sisindri, Krishna, Nee Sneham, Mesthri, Little Soldiers, Geeta Govindam etc. Nee Sukhame Ne Korukunna (2008), Merupudadi (1984) and Indrajith (1990) are his major works as a Telugu film director.

Giri Babu – Some interesting and less-known facts

1. His real name is Seshagiri Rao Yerra.

2. Apart from his film career, he is also known as a social worker.

3. He launched his second son Bose Babu through Indrajeeth. He was its producer and director.

4. He never thought that his son Raghu Babu will become a film actor. However Raghu established as a leading character artist of Telugu cinema.

5. Though he played both lead and character roles, he was known for playing villain roles and rape scenes on Telugu screen in the 1980s. With early 1990s he moved to character roles and light hearted comic roles.

6. He scripted the hit movie – Merupu Daadi (1984).

7. He headed Nandi award committee in 2014.

8. Dejected by initial failures, he moved back to his hometown during his struggling days in 1970s. When a film director inquired about him, he returned for a last time, and stayed in Tollywood forever. 


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