Defense of kids through food – Especially for parents’ note!

We all are familiar with the fact that good and healthy diet makes us healthy and protect us from diseases. Special care should be given to kids’ diet as they are weak comparing adults. Let me give you a few simple healthy tips.

1. Vitamin A content food is best for eye health. Coloured vegetables contains beta-carotene, a type of vitamin A. Carrot, water melon, fruits, milk, egg and meat provide Vitamin A in plenty.

2. Digestion problems and stomach pain are common in kids. Give steam cooked or easy digestible food for such kids who suffer from such stomach problems. Give them butter milk instead of curd and avoid fried items, oil, fat and spices as much as possible.

3. To avoid skin problems, Vitamin C supplements are best. Guava and banana give natural immunity to body. Vitamin C gives extra protection to your skin.

4. Some kids have allergy to certain food items. Avoid sea food items in your kid’s diet if he shows food allergy. If milk causes allergy, give him soya milk.

5. Give warm water to kids regularly to kids who suffer from Asthma. Exclude excess hot and cold items from his diet.  

6. To avoid constipation give him fiber rich food. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are abundant reservoirs of fiber. Spinach, Muringa leaves and mango are best for kids. But ensure that they drink sufficient water.

7. Zinc is a vital factor needed for proper functioning of body, health and easy healing of wounds. Also it avoids infection of wounds. Beans and sea fish contain zinc in abundance.

8. Give complete food to your kid. His food should include peas, millets, tubers, grains and fish. It will surely help him to improve his defense mechanism.

9. Iron content food catalyses kid’s growth. Grapes, red meat, cabbage and spinach are abundant suppliers of iron.

10. Calcium is most essential for strong bones and teeth. One glass milk a day – make it a habit to make his bones and teeth stronger. Milk, curd and cheese are good carriers of calcium.

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