Aditya Agarwal – Software engineer and successful entrepreneur

Aditya Agarwal is a software engineer and successful entrepreneur associated with IT field. He along with his wife Ruchi Sangvi have worked together in many international IT companies like Oracle and Facebook in the 2000s, before they embarked a new career as entrepreneurs, related to IT field. The couple worked together in Facebook during the period 2005-2011 during the initial phase of the world’s leading social networking site. Following their marriage in 2010, they quit Fb, and co-founded Cove in 2011. In 2012 the company was bought by Dropbox and the couple was invited to work in the company. They were associated with Dropbox till 2016 after which they started South Park Commons.

Aditya’s younger days were spent in different countries though he was born in India. The family finally settled in US. He met his future wife Ruchi Sangvi while doing his graduation in Computer science, and dated for many years till they got married in 2010. She was a fellow student at Carnegie Mellon University where Aditya studied. After she completed her post-graduation in Computer science, she too moved to Silicon Valley where Aditya was working, and joined the same company where he was working (Oracle). Since then they have been working together for many years in different IT firms. The duo joined Facebook in 2005.

Aditya Agarwal – Some interesting facts

1. His father was a chemical engineer.

2. His wife Ruchi Sangvi was the first even female s/w engineer hired by Facebook long back in 2005, and Aditya joined along with her.

3. The IT couple has worked together in many companies like Facebook, Oracle etc and post marriage too, they embarked their professional journey together.

4. They have worked together in Oracle, Facebook, Cove, and Dropbox.


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