25+ Important Household Tips for Working Ladies to make Cooking Process Easy

Most of the working ladies wake up early in morning at around 5 am. They are not aware when they sleep every night. After tedious household and kitchen work, when she reaches office, she has double work load at office too. Relaxation becomes just a mirage, while coping with daily life. Is it not possible to relax a little bit? Am I a working machine or robot? Is it not possible to make a day easy? Yes, it’s possible if you plan a little more, and arrange things in kitchen better. Here I provide 25 best kitchen and household tips for every working lady, most importantly working mothers, who have to take care of their husband and children as well.

1. Most important is well-arranged things in kitchen which makes your every work easy, and saves a lot of time in the mornings too. For each and every object in kitchen, a space should be pre-fixed, and soon after use, it should be placed back at the same place.

2. Place most important things at a hand distance. Spoons, salt and curry powder bottles should be placed near the stove. A situation should never arise, when you need to run for a spoon after heating a pan, leaving the curry behind.

3. Keep your refrigerator clean and tidy always. Keep things well arranged, and throw away old things. If you place too many things inside fridge, it may be difficult to find things later. Place things in closed containers, and if possible allocate space in your refrigerator for different kinds of things. Arrange vegetables, curries, packets etc according to it. If so, you can save a lot of time spent for searching something you placed inside two days ago. You never miss or forget a particular box too.

4. Keep your gas stove and its burners clean always. If burner is filled with dust and food substances, it won’t burn properly resulting in loss of time and energy.

5. If possible pre-plan your menu one week in advance. You can plan it in the weekends. Do shopping accordingly. If so, you need not spend time for searching a particular item after office hours. Also you need not waste your brain energy thinking what dish to be prepared for evening or next day morning. It saves a lot of time, and also saves the wastage of vegetables and other items which can’t be stored for more days.

6. Soon after shopping, when you reach home, wash vegetables and categorize them, as per your convenience. You can also cut vegetables for curries and keep inside refrigerator in air-tight containers. You can also boil vegetables and store in refrigerator for easy use. Take them out when needed, and add sufficient curry powders and other ingredients to prepare the dish fresh.

7. You can peel off the skin of onions, shallots, ginger, garlic etc and store in refrigerator for one week in advance. When needed, take it out, wash well and cut into desired shapes.

8. You can also grind and store ginger-garlic paste and store in refrigerator. Add a pinch of salt too. You can also grind green chillies along with it, while preparing the paste.

9. Remove the stalk of green chillies, wash it well and remove the moisture completely. You can store them in refrigerator in plastic containers. You can also wash curry leaves, remove moisture and separate them from main stalk. Store them in containers inside the fridge.

10. Purchase meat and fish for one week in advance. Wash it well, cut into desired pieces and store them in separate fridge bags inside the freezer, after marinating with turmeric powder and salt. For each day, you can take a bag out and prepare the dish. For chicken/fish fries, you can marinate the items with sufficient powders, and place in freezer. Place it outside a few hours before cooking. It is a wise idea to change the place of a frozen fish/meat bag to the chiller tray overnight, so that it’s easy to cook it in the early mornings.    

11. If you have pre-decided your breakfast dishes, you can grind and store the batter for dosa/idli/appam etc in your refrigerator. You can prepare idli/dosa batter for three to five days in advance, and keep in refrigerator. Place the required quantity of batter outside the refrigerator overnight for fermentation. Similarly, you can prepare the flour of steam cake for 2-3 days in advance, and store in refrigerator.

12. You can also prepare the dough of idiyappam, orotti, puri and chapati and place in refrigerator. Take it from refrigerator an hour before preparation to remove chillness.

13. Always keep in store items like eggs, noodles, bread, oats and corn flakes in your kitchen. You can prepare some easy dishes when you don’t have sufficient time in hand.

14. You can prepare tomato gravy by sauting tomato, onion, garlic, green chillies and ginger together, and adding sufficient curry powders and salt. Saute it well, and allow to cool. You can store this gravy as such, or grind it and store in your refrigerator. You can prepare easy egg, green peas, chickpeas, meat or potato curries later using this gravy.

15. You can prepare easy chutneys and chutney powders and store them. You can also prepare tomato chutney, mint chutney etc in advance for dosa, sandwiches etc. Prepare pickles at weekends, and also store kondattoms, pappads etc in your kitchen if possible.

16. You can prepare shredded coconut and keep in freezer in a tight container. Take out sufficient quantity and place it outside overnight so that you can use it next day morning.

17. Prepare curry powders one month in advance. Grind and store chilli powder, coriander powder, garam masala powder, black pepper powder etc. They are tastier compared with curry powder packets, healthy, and save your pocket money too.

18. If possible, try to do many things together once in a go. For example, after preparing pappads, you can use remaining oil to sauté onions and vegetables for a particular side dish. Similarly you can use steamers with different layers to cook different types of vegetables for different dishes. While preparing steam cake, you can boil green gram in the same water. It saves time, and your steam cake turns tasty and healthy too.

19. You can also fry scrapped coconut along with coriander seeds, curry leaves, chillies, chopped shallots etc, and once cooled, store in air-tight containers for a few days. You can also add curry powders instead of whole spices. You can grind and prepare easy gravies for your vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes easily. For long days’ storage, keep the bottle in refrigerator.

20. You can use a stool (with height) in your kitchen. If so you can cut vegetables sitting on that stool. It gives less strain to feet, due to standing.

21. Keep a writing pad and pen in kitchen to note the ingredients to buy. You can easily prepare shopping list, saving a lot of time. You won’t miss items. It’s also an advantage.

22. Use an apron in kitchen. It safe guards your clothes from dust, dirt, stain, water etc.

23. Keep 3 or 4 set of kitchen towels in your kitchen. It makes your cooking and cleaning process easy. Wash at least twice a week, and keep it folded in an allotted space in kitchen.

24. Use clean kitchen towels to remove water content from utensils and vessels. Hang them in fixed places for convenience.

25. Every day, clean your kitchen and utensils, and keep everything properly arranged in correct order, after completing your kitchen task. You can do this task at night before you go to bed. If so, it won’t be a tedious process in the next morning to prepare food, before you go to office.

Hope these tips would be useful for you.

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