What’s the significance of signature?

This incident happened in England years back; world famous painter Picasso visited a furniture shop. His intension was to make furniture according to his requirement. He made a sketch in a piece of paper with his pen and then asked the shop keeper, the total cost for his furniture. Shop owner replied that he want nothing except his signature in that sketch. Picasso did so and that shop owner became a millionaire by selling that sketch. That’s the significance of a signature, simply known as sign.

It’s not the case of Picasso’s signature only. Many celebrities’ signatures have been sold for such huge prices. Like stamp collection, signature collection is also a hobby of some people and a few of them do sell the signatures to earn money.

What’s a signature?

Signature is the unique identity of a person written in his own hand writing and for every documentation purpose, a person’s signature can be taken as the proof. It can be used for writing agreement, transaction in bank accounts and for all sorts of activities, where a person’s identity is needed as proof.

In most cases, signature is similar to finger print of a person and is the unique identification of a person. A person’s handwriting can never be matched with someone else if he has not imitated someone else and that’s the reason why. Signatures own distinct traits of a person like his face, behaviour and voice and it carries his creative mind, intelligence and artistic traits too.

Every person takes effort to make his signature difficult to reproduce by someone else, so that he can keep himself safe. In most cases persons write their names in English language and underline it to indicate that it’s his signature. Signature in English is not mandatory. Underline, date and dots are not compulsory too.

It’s also interesting to know that many officials do hire dummies to artificially sign less-significant papers so that they can reduce their work load. US government started such a procedure in 1975. Saddam Hussein had also used dummies to do his signature for less significant office papers. In certain documents, seal of signature is made to reduce the manual work load of officials. It may be computer generated too and of course, they are valid.

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