Easy tips to keep fruits fresh for long time

Fruits can be kept fresh in refrigerator for long days. But they may taste a little bit different. Even a slight colour change of skin, kids may hate to eat. But we can’t keep well-ripen fruits outside refrigerator for more than two or three days. A few fruits like banana if kept in fridge, their skin may turn dark. How can it be avoided? Through this column, let me provide a few useful tips for you. Just like different tastes for different fruits, the method to keep them fresh also differ. 

1. Make one or two holes in plastic covers. Then keep apples in those covers, tie its open end and place it in your refrigerator. Your apples stay long fresh.

2. To avoid big sized Kerala banana (plantain) from over ripening, remove its stalk and wrap that portion tightly using plastic wrap.

3. Separate clusters of banana and cover the upper portion using aluminium foil. It stays fresh for many days.

4. Wash grapes in fresh water, and rub well using a dry cloth to remove moisture. Then store in refrigerator in air-tight container. Grapes stay fresh upto 2 weeks.

5. Use air-hole containers to store strawberries in fridge. You can store them this way upto 1 week. When you wash them before keeping in refrigerator, never remove the stalk along with leaves. If you remove the stalk, water can easily enter the fruit, causing easy damage. Fruits may lose sweetness too.

6. While keeping apples in refrigerator, never keep them together. Instead keep them a different places, to store for longer periods.

7. Fruits like big sized Kerala banana, avocado, orange, fruits of small size, peach, orange etc can be placed outside refrigerator for 3-4 days in normal temperature; no need to store them in fridge soon after purchase.

8. You can store lemon in black covers outside refrigerator for many days. Keep them away from sunlight. Lemon won’t change colour easily.

9. While washing fruits like strawberry and raspberry, add a little vinegar to the water. Fruits stay fresh for a few more days. Keep them in refrigerator only after completely removing water content.

10. Not over-ripen mangoes can be wrapped in paper and stored in place with less sunlight. They ripen quickly, with extra sweetness.

11. To keep cut avocado pieces without colour change, apply lemon juice on the cut portions.

12. Immerse apple in salt water for 5 minutes. Then remove water content completely, and store them in your refrigerator in air-tight covers. Apples stay fresh for long.

13. Take each Kerala banana and wrap in plastic covers separately and keep in refrigerator. The colour change of skin can be avoided.  

14. Chop fruits into pieces, and lock them in ziploc bags. Store it in freezer. You can make a quick & cool fruit salad or juice. 

15. After chopping fruits, apply a little lemon juice. They won’t change colour. 

Image source: Pixabay.

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