Monthly Archive: August 2021


My Dear Friend

My dear friend, Words will be limitless if I want to tell about you Yet I am trying to conclude in a few Like hiding a pearl in an oyster. The moment when my...


Heart Strings – Part 3

“My heart strings which never settle in words or tunes are infinite♾♾💫💕”   “When my eyes read the meanings of your silent smiles They stayed as your partner of crime in everything 😉💕💫”  ...


Our Dream Home

  Now I am busy making our small dream home In the white clouds, behind mountains Its each brick is a dream of ours Walls painted by colours of our love Moon is fixed...


Rain – Poetry and Quotes

    “White cloud is beautiful⛅️ But she can’t comfort others by pouring as raindrops. Raining cloud is black in colour Thunder & lightening are her accompanies⛈️🌬️ But her heart is full of melting...