Monthly Archive: July 2020


Melon Cheese Bites

Ingredients for Melon Cheese Bites: 1. Shamam (Musk Melon) – 20-25 small square pieces 2. Olive oil – 1 big spoon 3. Rosemary chopped fine – 1 big spoon     Crushed red chillies...


Cheese Balls

Ingredients for Cheese Balls: 1. Water – ½ cup 2. Butter – 50 gm 3. Maida – ½ cup     Salt – ½ small spoon 4. Grated cheese – ½ cup    ...


Asafoetida Tips

Asafoetida is an integral ingredient of South Indian dishes. It’s called Kaayam in Malayalam and Tamil language. It’s added to increase the flavour of vegetarian curries such as Sambar, Rasam, Theeyal etc. Its unique...


Healthy Smoothie

If you choose ingredients wisely a healthy smoothie can become a part of your diet plan. As it is rich in protein if you take it as breakfast, you won’t feel hunger till noon....