Monthly Archive: May 2019



Pesarattu is a traditional dosa made in Andhra Pradesh and other Telugu speaking regions. Unlike normal dosa which uses black gram as one of the main ingredients, Pesarattu uses green gram. It’s also made...


Paneer Dosa

Ingredients for Paneer Dosa: 1. Raw rice – ¾ cup     Boiled rice – ¾ cup     Salt – For taste 2. Grated paneer – 1 cup     Green chillies –...


Bolu Huli

Bolu Huli is a traditional Udupi vegetarian curry similar to Sambar. It can be served with rice meals. Ingredients for Bolu Huli: 1. White gourd – 3 cup, cut into square pieces 2. Toor...


Samaradhare Saaru

Samaradhare Saaru is a traditional Udupi dish. It’s a hot chilly curry similar to rasam and served with meals. Ingredients for Samaradhare Saaru: 1. Sambar dal (pigeon pea) – 1 cup     Water...