Things to note while shampooing your hair

If you shampoo your hair knowing its nature, you can reduce many hair problems. It’s a common problem to many – loss of hair after using shampoo. This problem is very common to those, who try different types of shampoos after watching TV ads. Instead you need to know the real characteristics of hair before applying shampoo.

Similar to nature of skin, there are three types of hair as well – Oily hair, normal hair and dry hair. Let me tell you, how to shampoo each type of hair.

Shampoo for oily hair

For oily hair, even after applying shampoo, the hair turns oily the following day. Also hair sticks to each other. Dirt gets easily deposited in hair. For such people, daily shampoo is the best solution. You can choose some mild shampoo with lemon content. Though you can’t do shampoo regularly, you should clean your hair using shampoo at least 4-5 days a week. There is no need to apply hair oil before bath. But you can comb your hair repeatedly before bath, so that oil at scalp reaches hair tip.

Shampoo for dry hair

If your hair is dry, frequent use of shampoo results in the break of hair. It also damages the hair. Shampooing once in a week is sufficient for dry hair people. Massage your hair and scalp for 15 minutes using lukewarm oil before shampooing. After washing off the shampoo, apply some hair conditioner. Wait for 5 minutes before you wash conditioner. Also take extra care while applying conditioner. It should never touch scalp. Otherwise it increases dandruff.

After bath, dip a towel in warm water, squeeze it and steam your hair. It increases blood circulation and also improves oil content of hair. You can do hair spa once every month.

For normal hair

This type of hair has oily nature in scalp and dryness at hair tip. So such people need to apply oil at hair tip before bath. They should strictly use conditioner after shampooing too. There are more chances for normal hair for tangling. Comb your hair with distant teeth to avoid this problem.

A few things to note before hair straightening

For whatever chemical treatment for hair, you should only approach an expert beautician who you know earlier. Unscientific use of chemicals can severely damage your hair, resulting in broken hair and hair loss. You should also strictly follow the beautician’s instructions after hair straightening. It’s also not a good practice to do chemical treatments frequently, such as straightening hair or curling it.

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