Luscious lips, dramatic eyes & neon lashes for Trendy Makeup

Going to a night party a simple old style makeup is not a big deal now. Instead you should be trendy if you want to grab everyone’s attention. Luscious lips, dramatic eyes, neon lashes….. If you are not familiar with these trends, read forward.

Luscious lips

This style is also known as bold statement. Its highlight is dark red lipstick. If you wear light coloured costumes, dark coloured lipstick is the perfect choice, where you can choose chilli red or pop pink shades. Bright pancake is used for face makeup. Eyes are also given bright makeup. Both these support the red coloured lips.

Massage lips using lip balm and make them soft. Using dark red lip pencil, draw the outer line which resembles a bow. Now you can apply lipstick. If you want to retain lipstick for long hours, apply a little talcum powder on your lips and gently press using a tissue paper. Then apply the second coat of lipstick. Mat finish lip glows are best suited for this lip makeup style.

Dramatic Eyes

After giving neutral colours to lips and face, you can give dramatic look to eyes. If so your eyes turn focal points of your face. To do this style, you should have lengthy eye brows thin in size. So eyes should be shaped well and you can use an eyebrow pencil to give perfect shape and darkness. This eyeliner style resembles the wings of a bird that’s about to fly.

Use eyeliners on the upper and lower sides of eyes. For small eyes, use thick strokes when you draw the lower side. For budged eyes, use thin strokes only. Otherwise they look bigger. Use light colour mascara and draw a tail upwards from the outer edges of both eyes using eye liner. The tail should resemble a bow in the upward direction. Write eye gel on its top.

Neon Lashes

Use artificial eye lashes for your eyes and complete the eye makeup. Magic is done in the eye shadow. Take neon shade and its dark shade which suit with the colour of costume. Start strokes from eye tip in light shade and when it reaches middle, move to dark shade and spread a little bit. Use light shade to draw upper eye lid, and dark shade in lower lid – It’s trendy.

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