Light Bridal Makeup in South Indian marriages is trending now!

Those days have gone where brides used heavy makeup for marriage function. Light makeup is the latest trend. South Indian marriages are normally conducted during day time and if so, dark colours are avoided while doing makeup. But for reception and night marriages, colours like violet, aqua, purple, green etc are also used.

Screenshot from Malayalam movie, Bangalore Days – the scene filmed on real life couple

Studio fixing makeup to withstand heat and lengthy hours

For eyes, smoky eyes makeup is given. Studio fixing makeup is given for brides as it remains so for 10-12 hours minimum. It’s both sweat proof and water proof. So, no need to fear sweating due to high heat and light of videos and cameras. This makeup will keep bride fresh the whole day.

Highlighting certain features – latest trend

Another important feature of bridal makeup is highlighting. It highlights the most attractive parts of bride’s face. For example, if her eyes are beautiful they are given extra makeup to appear more beautiful than usual. Beautician is just highlighting her beauty and presenting it in a more attractive way to get everyone’s attention. In addition to it, other parts will be given less makeup so that her eyes will remain in the limelight.

Ironing and styling – For hair

For reception bride may not tie her hair and it’s now possible to iron her hair to make it more attractive. Artificial curls can be provided by the process of heating and ironing. Now giving artificial curls to add beauty to hair for reception is the latest trend. Since during traditional marriages, no variations are possible during ceremony makeup, such experiments can be done during reception. Yet hair is not completely covered with jasmine flowers during function as before. Trend has surely changed a little bit. Now jasmine is given less importance and very often hair is decorated using precious stones and pearls.

Experiments going on – From sandals to hair

From hair to sandals, everything is now experimented and done different trials days before marriage. Make up accessories are tested on her face and body and being selected by beauticians days before. Brides are given special beauty treatments and this process starts before months. Now an era has come where not only brides, but also her friends and relatives who stand along with her during the function are also special consideration. Their colour codes are pre-decided and they are given special makeup too!

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