Just do a trial before bridal makeup – it’s the latest trend

Now everyone needs a trial before the purchase of a product. Beauty products and makeup cosmetics are also not free from such trials. Why not! Every one buy such beauty products giving a lot of money and if it’s for the most important occasion of one’s life, why can’t a bride think of trying it once before doing the real makeup?

Marriage needs a lot of preparation and each moment is to be used wisely. So no one is ready to take risk or take a second chance while doing makeup as time given for makeup is also previously fixed and no alterations may be possible at the last moment. So let me give you a few simple tips to avoid tensions at the last stage of the happiest moment of a bride’s life. After all she wants to look the most beautiful lady of the world during her wedding ceremony! Why should we take a chance?

A trial is essential

Just make note of these few points.

1. Decide it earlier itself to which beautician you are assigning the job for decorating the bride. Ask her a portfolio or album to check her previous works on bridal makeup. Give her the work only if you are 100% consent. You can gather information from your friends or relatives about that beautician.

2. You can do a trial makeup before two or three months. Ask makeup artists to include the fees of that trial makeup too. It’s better to pre-decide everything before the function.

3. If you have skin allergy to any beauty products inform the beautician so that she can find its alternatives earlier itself. During trial period also you can easily note such allergies and such products should be replaced and tested once again before the ceremony.

4. After trial, look yourself in mirror as well as outdoor light so that you can assure that makeup products selected suit you the best. Also ask beautician to keep note of the trial items and shades so that you can get the same effect on the day of marriage.

5. If possible do experiment with different colour shades on your face and also try different hair styles so that you can choose one that suits you the best. Also it saves a lot of time that may be lost while selecting shades during the actual makeup.

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