Foundation Course for Makeup Starters – Simple Foundation Tips

Natural and simple look is the hot favourite of youth. Yet they prefer to do makeup to get perfect finish. In short, youngsters need makeup, but it should not be easily visible. That’s the demand. To choose the perfect foundation for face is the best idea to keep makeup minimal. To choose foundation you may need to look into factors like your skin tone, the occasion for makeup etc. In short, to get perfect finish for makeup, foundation plays the most important role. Through this column, I shall provide a few secrets behind foundation, and how to choose and use it.

Let’s start…

Soon after bath, your face retains a little moisture. Use soft cotton cloth to remove moisture of your face. Now dip cotton in a cleanser and rub your face. Dust and dirt will be completely removed, and now you can apply moisturizer. Always choose your regular moisturizer, best suiting your skin.

Skin around eyes is very delicate. So apply under-eye cream in those areas. If you have darkness around eyes, always keep an under-eye cream in your makeup kit. Apply cream only on those dark areas surrounding your eyes. Now wait for 3 minutes.

Primer basic coat retains makeup for a long time, and gives it a perfect finish too. It’s available as gel in market. Use your finger tip to apply gel as spots on your face here and there. Now slowly massage your face using fingers and wait for one minute.

Now apply foundation

The role of foundation is to enhance the natural skin tone and make your face more attractive. So, never choose shades not matching with your skin tone. There are 6 main types of foundations, and you can make your own choices.

B-B Cream/C-C Cream – This foundation can be chosen for regular use, and can be used daily. They are rich in moisturizer content, and suit all climatic conditions. So you can use it in office and campus. It gives you a natural look.

Liquid foundation – It’s easy to apply on face and stays fresh for long time, making it everyone’s favourite. To get perfect finish, use a brush to apply on face. If your skin is dry or has wrinkles, this foundation is not a perfect choice.

Cream foundation – It holds some of the properties of normal creams, and hence reserved for dry skin people. Using fingers apply the foundation as spots on your face and using foundation sponge, blend it well.

Mousse foundation – This foundation is completely oil-free and suits those with combination or oil skin tone. It’s very thin and makes skin soft and velvet like soon after application. It can be applied using damp sponge. It never makes skin dry, and retains freshness for long time.

Compact foundation – An excellent touchup this powder like foundation can be kept in your hand bag always. Even while you are busy, apply a little moisturizer and then compact foundation to lift the freshness of your face. Use a powder puff or a moist sponge to apply.

Stick/Panva foundation – It’s the pancake foundation used in wedding makeup kit. It’s the ‘thickest’ member of the group. For the same reason, it stands for long hours. Even with a single layer foundation, you can make your face attractive.

Concealer with care

Concealer is yet another derivative of foundations, with high in pigment content which hides tarns and black spots on face, which cannot be effectively hidden using normal foundations. It gives a shiny look to face as well. Always choose concealers with a shade lower than skin tone.

After giving foundation to your face, if you notice colour changes or patches, use concealer in those areas as a touchup. Concealers are available in liquid, stick and cream formats. Pimples, black marks and scars can be covered by stick concealers. Cream concealers are slightly thin comparing the rest two, and can be used to hide black spots and scars. Liquid concealer hides the dark colour around eyes. These concealers are easy to apply and blend with skin also. Choose concealers only after knowing for what purpose it is needed.

Powder means power

Makeup is complete only if face powder is applied. Powder gives final touch to any type of makeup. To get fresh look, to give shiny look to face and to set makeup, powders are used in the final stage. Use a thick powder puff to apply powder on your face. Face powders are available in two types – translucent powder and pressed powder.

For oil skin, translucent powder is the best choice. If you touch powder at all areas of your face, you achieve the perfect look of a simple makeup.

A few steps to note before you begin makeup

1. With the help of a beautician, find which type of skin you have – oil, dry or mixed.

2. Always buy concealer and foundation during day time.

3. Jaw line in between face and neck is the correct skin tone of each person. So while choosing a foundation, apply a little on your jaw line to find if the chosen one is best for your skin tone.

4. Choose foundation with moisturizer content, best suiting your skin type.

5. For dark skinned people, choose two foundations. Apply light shade on cheeks and foundation quite matching your skin tone on other areas.

6. Rub your face with an ice cube before you start doing makeup. If so, you get a shiny look.

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