Different hair styles for elder ladies

As we grew old, we give up our style quotient, and less care about makeup, hair style etc. They also make fewer experiments with hair styles, and prefer to adopt a common style. It won’t be stylish. Instead, they tend to comb hair flat assuming that those glorious days have gone. Either a housewife or a working lady, the attitude remains exactly the same. When kids are grown up, what to say more!

Most ladies prefer to divide the hair exactly at the mid portion and tie hair together. Rarely do they keep hair loosen. If you are willing to experiment with styles, spend a little time and find suitable hair styles which suit you best and try different ones. Not only does it give a fresh look every day, it also changes your attitude positively.

Try different hair styles according to your job profile and way of living

In normal hair styles too, we can bring some changes and give your face a different look. Take some hair, smoothen it and keep untied. This hair style suits ladies of all ages. If you feel that smoothening hair as whole can give an artificial look, treatment can be done at crown portion only. If you own natural curly or Messi hair, choose a hair style which highlights it. But if your age is above 50, it’s preferable to avoid artificial curling or Messi hair.

When you wear a kurta top, don’t be too formal. Choose some lazy style. Lower pony style suits best. For saris and traditional costumes, you can tie hair in round style. Use jasmine flowers and small golden hair accessories.

Hair loss is quite common in working ladies due to neglect of personal care. Volumizing hair treatment gives an appeal of thick hair. You can use henna twice a week to strengthen hair. If you use black dye to hide grey hair shades, you can try with alternative shades too. Burgundy, copper, antique etc can add a new style quotient to your hair. Do oil massage once in every week. In short if you are able to give care to your hair a little bit, you get good results too.

What is an electric brush?

Electric brush can straighten and set your hair easily, in desirable styles. You can easily change your usual hair styles. It also gives mini-makeovers to avoid boredom. To use an electric brush is also very easy. First, in the moist hair, apply serum. Adjust heat in electric brush and comb in downward direction. The hair style can remain so up to 12 hours.

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