A few useful tips to get rid of insects and pests

House keeping is not an easy task, though male members of the family believe so. Apart from preparing dishes and cleaning homes, housewives need to ensure the health of family members also. Food materials and kitchen cup boards attacked by pests and insects can kill the peace of housewives. Through this column, I shall provide some of the easy tips to get rid of insects and pests, and to keep your kitchen and home interior neat and tidy.

Eucalyptus oil for ants, cockroach, housefly etc – Dip a piece of cotton in Eucalyptus oil and place in cupboards, drawers, window panels etc to get rid of ants, cockroach, housefly etc.

Baking soda for ants – Mix a little baking soda in the water used for cleaning floors. It reduces ant attack.

Baking soda for cockroaches – Powder sugar and add a little baking powder to it. Make small balls out of them and place beneath cupboards to destroy cockroaches.

Sour Curd to get rid of crickets – Take some sour curd and mix with water. Spray this solution to the affected areas to get rid of crickets.

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