A few things to note while preparing oily snacks

Oily snacks are unhealthy. Yet we can’t avoid them. For many of us who are strict in dieting, there will definitely some cheat dish. Though we can’t strictly ignore snacks, we can definitely control its use. Through this column, let me give you some tips to note while preparing oily snacks. Also read: Simple Indian Snacks & Sweets Tips For You

1. Never use metal containers to keep oily snacks (snacks fried in oil). Glass containers with air tight containers can be used for storage purposes.

2. In the oil left after frying your snack, slice & fry a few potato chips. Oil turns crystal clear.

3. If your oil has turned a little bit old with change in taste, heat it adding lemon skin or tamarind.

4. To prevent the change of taste of oil that’s to be kept for long period, put a few rice grains in the container. You can also put a little tamarind.

5. If you want to deep fry bulk quantity in oil, there is one trick to prevent the change of oil colour. Once you put the first slot, pour a little vinegar to oil after 5 minutes. Your snacks won’t absorb excess oil too.

6. To remove oil from your kadai (cheena chatti) after the preparation of snacks, rub its inner surface with dry bread pieces. Then wash as usual.

7. There is one more trick to remove greaser of pans. Pour a little liquid dish wash to the pan/kadai and put a few newspapers or tissue paper moist with water. Keep it aside for a few hours and wash later.

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