A few simple tips for sparking your old shoes

Shoes are very expensive and we regularly use them as well. But we usually buy just one or two pair of shoes. We change them only when they are no longer in use. Through wear and tear they turn old. How to make your old pair of shoes spark as new? Here I provide a few simple tips. Also read: How to get rid of old smell of shoes?

1. Rub all sides of your shoes with one piece of potato. Apply a little pressure while rubbing your shoes. Then polish them as usual. They turn shiny than before.

2. You can also use lemon skin as alternative of shoe polish. Rub your shoes with lemon skin.

3. If your shoes are soaked in water, roll a piece of newspaper and place inside it. Newspaper will absorb excess moisture and also protect them from fungal attack.

4. While tying shoe laces for kids, gently moist them with water. They won’t loosen easily.

5. While using rubber or plastic shoes, never tie laces too tightly. It is a quick solution to discomforts due to sweating.

6. Spread a little soda salt on the surface of your shoes overnight. Rub it well next morning and polish your shoes as usual.

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