Therali (Ada) Pradhaman

Ingredients for Therali (Ada) Pradhaman:

1. Unakkalari (Raw rice without removing the rice bran /Nurukk) – 250 gm

2. Ghee – 400 gm

3. Kerala banana, medium sized – 1

4. Jaggery – 600 gm

5. Bay leaf (Vayana Ila) – 10

6. Coconut – 6

How to prepare Therali (Ada) Pradhaman?

1. Soak rice in water and blend it well in a mixer to prepare flour.

2. Extract 1.5 cups of 1st milk from coconut and 2 litres of second milk.

3. Chop banana in pieces, and cook well.

4. Then blend banana in a mixer.

5. Melt jaggery and strain it to remove impurities.

6. Add 2 spoons of ghee, 6 spoons of jaggery solution and sufficient water to rice flour and mix well.

7. Spread batter on one side of the bay leaf as a paper-thin layer (at one tip).

8. Fold it and do it on the other side of the leaf as well.

9. Fold it again and skew using coconut leaf midrib (eerkkil).

10. Steam cook and prepare thiraliyappam.

11. When it cools off, separate ada from leaves and cut into small pieces.

12. Heat jaggery solution in a thick bottomed pan.

13. Add ada pieces and ghee to it and sauté the contents.

14. When it turns thick, add second extract coconut milk and boil it.

15. Continue cooking till payasam turns thick.

16. Remove from flame and add first coconut milk.

Note: This payasam has sweet aroma and taste of bay leaf. So there is no need to add cardamom or other flavouring agents.

Courtesy: Grahalakshmi Magazine, 2017 August 16-31

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