Semiya + Aval Payasam

Ingredients for Semiya + Aval Payasam:

1. Vermicelli – 100 gm

2. Rice flakes (white) – 50 gm

3. Jaggery – 400 gm

4. Coconut – 5

5. Ghee – 50 gm

6. Cumin powder – 25 gm

How to prepare Semiya + Aval Payasam?

1. Extract 1 cup of 1st milk from coconut and 2 litres of second milk.

2. Fry vermicelli till it turns red colour.

3. Fry rice flakes separately till it turns dry.

4. Heat jaggery in another thick bottomed pan or urli, melt it and extract the solution.

5. In the same pan, cook vermicelli adding sufficient water.

6. When it is almost done, add jaggery solution and second extract coconut milk.

7. Allow the contents to boil well and sprinkle rice flakes.

8. Boil your payasam till it thickens.

9. Put of the flame, add ghee and first extract coconut milk.

10. Mix your payasam and add cumin powder.

Note: If you overcook rice flakes in this payasam, it may turn too thick.

Courtesy: Grahalakshmi Magazine, 2017 August 16-31

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