Cheruparipp Paal Payasam


Ingredients for Cheruparipp Paal Payasam:

1. Cheruparipp (Moong Dal/Green Gram Paripp) – 150 gm

2. Rice flour – 250 gm

3. Jaggery – 250 gm

4. Coconut oil – 1 litre

5. Milk – 1.5 litres

6. Sugar – 300 gm

7. Ghee – 10 gm

8. Cardamom powder – 10 gm

How to prepare Cheruparipp Paal Payasam?

1. Dry fry daal in a thick bottomed pan till it reddens.

2. Add sufficient water and cook daal.

3. Heat jaggery in another thick bottomed pan or urli, melt it and extract the solution.

4. When water content is almost absorbed, add jaggery solution.

5. Cook your payasam till water content is fully absorbed.

6. Saute it well and add cardamom powder.

7. Take off from flame and allow it to cool.

8. Make small balls from this mixture.

9. Prepare thin rice flour solution adding sufficient water.

11. Dip the balls in this solution and deep fry in hot coconut oil.

12. Allow to drain off excess oil from the fried balls.

13. Boil half litre water in an urli, and add cow’s milk.

14. Keep stirring and boil the milk till contents reduce to 3/4th in quantity.

15. Add sugar and mix well and cook for some more time till it thickens.

16. Add fried balls to this milk solution and boil it well.

17. Put off the flame. Take extra care so that balls don’t break.

18. When payasam cools off, mix well and transfer to serving glasses.

Courtesy: Grahalakshmi Magazine, 2017 August 16-31

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