Some Perspectives I Noticed

“For a blind man every colour is just black”

“For a blind man every colour is just black, and ‘blindness’ can be darkness of mind too in true sense”

“Great ideas are often spontaneous, a book,a poem or a scientific finding. A simple spark is enough to light an idea which can expand by itself”

“Long-term worries often become your best companions later. Strange, but true!”

“Why can’t we sleep with open eyes?”

“Open your ears to constructive criticism only. It builds inside you a strong person. Ignore the rest. Otherwise it will end you in ruins”

“If critics are sincere in their words, just listen to their words and try better. Otherwise we can never satisfy them whatever way we try”

“Everyone has a limit a cross and the distance to that boundary may vary from person to person – depends on his character and how he reacts to a situation”.

“A very good son can never make a very good husband….Strange but true!!!”

“Some people’s life are like open book, but not readable always…
Some pages may be removed
Some pages coded
And some ones written in unknown language……”

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