Positive Powershots


“Realistic dreams are powerful enough to bring you to the shore of destinations.They act as strong as catalysts sometimes, though many times your dream is your worst weakness too”

“We can paint our memories in layers, with an artistic touch. Try to make it colourful before you paint the second layer and so on to get a wonderful recap later”

“Some words are powerful enough to boost you without making you aware of it”

“We may be right in every sense while doing something. But the positive energy we achieve from someone’s support gives the real happiness of its outcome”

“Storms are often good.
Make them fuel for your life journey.
You can’t say….
You may reach a shore earlier than someone-
Sailing in a storm-less sea”

“If you search happiness, you find happiness and if you are looking for sorrows, don’t worry you can find it a little more easier”

“Struggles form an integral part of a human’s life and all our achievements are related to our struggles, if made a positive approach from our side, I feel so. I have also faced so many setbacks in my life and still struggling to get everything back to where it was. I am not sure if I will emerge as winner or not. But I believe in struggling and keep trying so that I should not regret myself in future for keeping myself idle when life offered me an opportunity to try.”

Image source: Pixabay

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