New findings of life

“All events of life happen for some reason
Life doesn’t take any twist without a hidden meaning
How depth we go inside it, we find new happenings and happiness”
“Always begin with an end in mind
Then you get less chances to regret.”
“In life’s biggest games, if you can’t win, make sure you never loss……. Just like a test cricket match”
That means – Even if you can’t win, make sure that you never loss.
“How much less the problem is thought
That much does the problem is solved”
“Clouds in sky in different shades say about different colours of life””
“Life always keep surprise gifts for us in its store
When store becomes empty,
We complete our life journey”
“At any moment, our life vehicle can take a new ‘U’ turn
Sometimes in direction of our mind desires
But most times against our expectations”
“Life keeps changing
Each day, each hour, each minute & each second…..
Though we rarely notice…..” 

“Only this breathing moment is the reality in front of us. Should it be wasted in a useless way? Think about it”

“Life is beautiful as long as dreams lie in our eyes
When light is lost, darkness spreads to life throughout”

“Life casting dark shadows
Dancing along with the melancholies
Saying nothing lasts
But nothing ends too……”

“Life doesn’t end with the abrupt end of a relationship
But its pace and direction definitely changes ….. “

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A freelance writer and blogger by profession since October 2011, interested in writing over a wide range of topics. Hope you enjoy my writings. I belong to one of the beautiful places of the world, Kerala, nicknamed as 'God's own country'.

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