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These quotes originally belong to my translations of my Malayalam novel titled – Mattoru Meerayaay, which literally means ……. As Another Meera
“Thoughts form a part of life, whether necessary or unnecessary, even if one tries to avoid or feels special about them”
“It’s not at all easy for mind to bury everything, particularly if it’s deeply linked to mind’s strongest feeling, that can lucky be experienced only once in life time”
“It’s not at all easy for a woman to forget her first love, though deliberately she tries for it. “
“Heart can bloom once again with new set parameters, if it is willing to forget old dreams and find happiness in the world with new people”
“When love happens in someone’s life who never believes in love, it can bring great storms to that person’s life, may even ruin him”
“Love can do great wonders in one’s life and teach new lessons also”
“A cool breeze though unintentional can draw your attention to a new world of feelings never experienced before”
“The magic storm swept her mind within a few moments without any deny….”
“Tears are often controlled not to hurt dear ones’ hearts. But it gives heartbreaking pain deep inside in return……”
“Till now, no communication was needed between we two to understand the other person’s mind. But now that invisible thread has broken somewhere”
“I have stopped dreaming about expectations in relationships…….”
“Those waves will never return back to my shore, I hope so”
“Waves which were swept away from mind’s shore once can come back in double speed and destroy you completely……..”
“World and society appreciate those persons only who expresses oneself, may be sincere or not. “
“It’s only about expressions, the hollow truth behind many of the relationships we see around…..”
“The whole world is behind expressions, not sincerity. Society accepts only those, who never fail to express”
“Just to prove yourself not to be odd, you too may join the folk whether interested or not.”
“Feel the magic world in someone’s presence…..”
“She was very much surprised when she felt tears in her eyes”
“Already smitten by a unique fragrance of love “
“Lost faith in all relationships. Not able to love anyone, feel distance from everyone.”
“Is it right to force someone to reveal his/her secrets?”
“Two lessons to remain happy- In true sense everyone in this world is alone.We can’t take/make too much expectations from any”
“Her soul once again started drifting with the magic of love and she enjoyed it this time.”
“Why should I let it go? If it’s meant for me and I deny it with my foolishness, then I am the biggest fool on earth”
“Why can’t love be given a try/chance? Isn’t it better to try and give rather than letting it go without trying?”
“Love conquers human minds in quick pace giving colourful dreams and assured promises”
“She began to search him from her old memories”
“People love each other when they get connected to each other through souls, not with physical appearance that’s to perish someday. Age is an integral part of physical appearance and love is ageless. So, if one gives importance to age, then the love is not sincere. True love happens between souls”.
“From the heaven of love and dreams to the hell of lost dreams and darkness, the time needed to travel might be just a fraction of a second….”
“Her dreams shattered like a big ship that wrecked in the storms and deep seas, without any visuals of a shore nearby…..”
“Couldn’t find happiness in his presence……”
“Love is blind, heart is dumb and mind is blank, when heart goes madly in love with someone. …..”
“It’s not easy to justify our dreams and destinations with someone who is fighting against us with their negative words”
“Her mind is still shaded by some unknown dark clouds, stuck somewhere without raining”
“Darkened clouds are raining now, deeply expressing their sorrows with thunder and lightning aside raining/running tears……”
“Her world and imaginations restored once again with new elements and flavours she was not familiar with”
“Her mind was completely silent in his presence, though it lasted for many hours today than usual”
“Hidden dreams are just like peacock feathers which add many more colours to life . Once revealed its beauty is gone”
“She couldn’t figure out why she can’t find the reason why her mind scares so much.”
“She was not sure, how her heart will respond after his reply. …..”
“Darkness swept the whole world around her and those smiling flowers and blossoms have gone……”
“”She got completely broken down…..”
“When smile becomes partner forever, tears turn a mirage for many years!!!!”
” Can’t a girl love someone if the other person is not feeling so? “
“Forgot crying in the thoughts to hide mind’s secrets from everyone……”
“Got buried in infinite wandering thoughts…..”
“Her mind wanted to run away from there….”
“Pouring her mind on a sheet of paper……..”
“A man who has lost his desires is nothing short of a disaster”
“A person can loss everything not only when he losses what he dreams to possess, but also what he dreams actually”
“She wore the same smiling cap to hide her face from everyone”
“A fake coin fate gave her – Smile”
“Closeness of mind is not measured with time, but treasured with moments……”
“The invisible string of that unique language between the two souls got broken abruptly”
“It was something like someone has lit her lamp of desires and dreams once again.”
“Why should I always loss my dreams for the sake of others?”
“Her mind wanders here and there and behaves as if it has entered some devil’s rest house seeing him in an unhappy mood”
“Was it her agony that reflected in his eyes?”
“Mind oscillates between ‘yes’ and ‘no’ with equal pace, without reaching any destination point or stopping somewhere else”
“She had no means to tell him, what’s going on in her mind and that she can’t even imagine a world with dreams of someone else…”
“Already left everything to destiny and given time a chance to change and recover”
“Never lose yourself in someone who doesn’t love you at all”
“Thousand thoughts sprinkle from her mind like droplets of rain”
“That’s what happens if someone lies so much. Even if he tells truth no one believes him”
“Who knows what each person carries in his mind!!!”
“Already living in some strange world where physical presence of a person has nothing to do with her life….”
“We both are so close to each other that I never bother our physical parting….”
“The day we express each other,our friendship bond will be broken. It’s better to keep promises without promises and wait for that special moment”
“It’s always better to find time ourselves rather than blaming the time for not giving its moments to us…”
“If our mind really desires, time will definitely come that way”
“Never expect anything from others in return. But we should be able to give more than what others expect from us.”
“It is better love happens once in life time though it breaks later. At least it teaches you how to love the person whom you marry”
“Only a person who has lost a love once can find it from someone else and treasure it most”
“Go and purchase your life and dreams at any cost”
“Heart breaking moment when heart has to forcefully believe, whom it treasured close to heart was not really so or not meant to be….”
“Heart breaking is the biggest pain of earth…..”
“A heart can forget everything on earth, even himself when it falls in love with a single person among 1000 crores of people who exist on earth” 

“Time is very important. If it’s gone out of our hands, then we need to wait for time’s convenience and not ours.”

“He went all of a sudden, leaving behind him many words untold and many mysteries unfold! Many scripts remained untold!

Infatuations are just mere attractions that fade away in absence and even the modern technology measures of communication can’t keep them fresh too long”

“If the relation is not at all just an infatuation, it will take off smoothly. Presence of a person is not at all significant if love is real”

“Modern technology never allows old relations to sleep forever”

“You were in deep stress and I too and we both couldn’t share our feelings or worries for a while….”

“I talked as much as I can so without any break so that my heart won’t leave out my truth if I give it a little space. I was ‘terribly’ successful too!”

“This virtual world has given a virtual feeling to people that relations are not going to end soon.”

“Untold promises are enough to console the loss of lost campuses, love and insecure feelings in true means if carried forward through virtual world”

“Seasons may change, expressions of love may change. Yet a few still exist in this world whose minds still believe in the old traditions of love”

 Image Courtesy: My dear friend from Visag, Rambabu
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