Marriage and Relationship Thoughts


“One of great positives of marriage life – You can’t even tease your mind and body without seeking permission from your partner”

“When you enjoy responsibilities as small challenges than burdens, your marriage life turns to a heaven”

“Marriage acts can’t be played with a single string”

“Marriage turns sweet if played as a duet by two strings.A single string produces only less noticed or muted voice”

“A marriage results in divorce if it acts as a radio with a single speaker & silent listener, or two speakers with no listeners”

“Both strings need to play a tune uniformly to keep the relationship green and fresh”

“Silent suffering from one side makes the other think, ‘I was right, and I am right’ & this myth is to break soon or later”

“Mistakes are to be corrected today or tomorrow. Earlier it’s better. It’s wise decision to correct today than outburst and explode tomorrow”

“A spouse may forgive & forget any mistake committed by the partner but never withstands a third person’s presence in their life”

“Trust and faith gone, everything goes in a marriage life. It’s applicable for relationships too”

“Love should never be a burden. Over-possessiveness kills rather than bridging relations”

“Keep your friends and relatives at a bay to make your marriage work. After all, after marriage family is the first priority”

“When people walk away from our lives,they often take with them, many of our favourites….. May be some passion,obsession,a hobby or desire”

“Arms may provide you food or shelter as alms, but never true love”

“Many relations start with just a ‘Hai’ or ‘Good Morning’. Some are here to stay while the rest leave giving some memories, pleasant or bad”

“Relations in life seem to be fake when someone sincere you love betrays you without any reason ” 

“A new relation or breakup – Both can change you either positively or negatively” 

“A break in a relationship can often strengthen you than what you are – both friendship and romance ” 

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