The real face of poor African countries

Who is poor? What is poverty? Which countries of the world struggle from famine and malnutrition? According to reports some of the African countries living under the dark shadows of Sahara desert are struggling to live with money less than 1 dollar they get every day to feed the whole family. It’s really heart breaking when I read the fact that the money spend by an American for his breakfast for a day is enough for many South African families to live for a month. It’s equivalent to three-day wages of a carpenter of Kerala! When I read such things, my mind is filled with a strange feeling of sadness– why can’t I do anything for such people? How much lucky are we people! Yet we complain for silly luxurious things when a whole continent is struggling to get one day meal for his family. How selfish are we!

Poverty, malnutrition, famine and diseases – they show their fierce faces in the poor African countries. Central African Republic, Burundi, Chad, Sudan, Somalia, Uganda and Guyana – the list is not short! Among the world’s most poor countries, 33 belong to this Dark Continent. World has not forget yet, the dreadful picture captured by Kevin Carton from the northern provinces of Sudan.

Who is poor? Till 2008, families with income less than 1 dollar everyday are considered poor. After 2008, the figure has slightly increased to 1.25 dollars. According to Human Development report published by UN in 2010, 2 crore people of the world are in a situation to die at any moment due to hunger. Situations are not providing them food, medical treatment or education. If it’s the case of poor African countries, 65% are still struggling for earn a living. Now 7 crore people of under-developed countries earn below 1.25 dollars a day. Another section earns 2 dollar a day. It’s a bit surprising to know that 3% of developed European countries still struggle for living. Yet many projects have been started to give facilities of food, medicine, shelter and education for this people. Also many charity trusts, World Bank, developed countries, I.M.F and celebrities collect money, food and medicine from all over the world to help these poor nations.

N.B: I have prepared this column based on Vidya Column of Mathrubhumi newspaper. Statistics and figures given in this column are as on October 16, 2012. The column is a bit old. But I don’t think things have made a revolutionary positive change in the past 5 years.

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