Pondering a few thoughts on World Water Day

Water! The basic requirement of earth to sustain life! 90% of earth is filled with water including human body. But if water is not available for drinking, what to do? It’s not surprising that all great civilizations of the world have started on river banks. This shows the importance and influence of availability of water in common man’s life and mode of living. Not only culture and history, but also art and everything are related to it.

It’s a bit unfortunate that the thought of conserving water has started only recently – not beyond 25 years. In 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development put (UNCED) forward a suggestion to declare a day for water. Thus in 1993 March 22, the world witnessed the first ‘Water day’.  Climatic variations, high population and industrialization have made significant decrease in the availability of drinking water. That’s the reason why such a day was organized to make us aware of the importance of water and do campaigns for this purpose.

Water distribution of the world

97% of water belongs to oceans and this water can’t be used for drinking or irrigational purposes. In the remaining 3%, 2% goes to poles and snow layers. Water is stored as humidity and soil moisture, that later cycled for drinking purposes. Easy available source is rivers, water bodies and river banks. That means only 0.62% of the whole water all over the earth is used by common man.

Present water statistics are shock treatments

According to rough calculation, about 400 cc kilometers water is used by people all over the world – for drinking, agriculture and industry. Water is consumed most in China, India and America. If total water consumption remains so, about 3.5 billion people will face scarcity of drinking water by the year 2025. Water scarcity affects poor countries and poor people most. 20th century witnessed population growth three-fold, but water consumption has increased 6-fold.

Water statistics is really shocking. So, let us think about different ways by which we can reduce our water consumption at least a little bit. Plant a few green trees as well to conserve water for tomorrow. 

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