Electricity using the principles of Chemistry

If we are enough intelligent, we can make use of that scattered and wasted energy in the form of solar rays, wind, water flows and energy released when certain equipment are functioned. If we acquire energy for our existence without hurting our soil and earth, it is known as green energy. It never gives pollution to atmosphere and a lot of power can be saved also. Through this column, let me give you an interesting description of two such batteries that produced electrical energy using chemistry principles – SOA and Organic Radical Battery.

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOA)

SOA is more effective than hydrogen fuel cells that exist now. It produces electric power through the oxidation of fuel – the primary observation has given conclusions so. Different types of solid oxide fuel cells have been prepared till now, that work on principles slightly different from each other.

Vehicles that run using fuel cells may use Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PM) in future. An independent fuel cell has only 2 mm thickness and 1 volt output. When a group of such units are integrated together, it can form a big unit, enough to generate electric power for a big project for sure.

Organic Radical Battery

Another attraction is a new organic radical battery that’s delicate, yet can be handled easily. Its main advantage is its low size – just 0.75 mm thickness, yet it performs 1.5 times better than existing batteries, flexible electronic pipes, wired terminals and pocket computers. Organic Radical Battery can be used for such purposes in future. Expectations are many; we can just wait for future updates.

Nano technology, that’s often praised as tomorrow’s technology can give many contributions in battery field in the distant future. Already it is in lime light and used for many purposes. Finger print of nano technology is now used in solar panels. A nano-research center has been started most recently by Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai (IIT) with the support of Applied Materials.

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