When to buy your curtains and how?

Curtains add extra beauty to your interior, but when to choose your curtains and how. You need to take into account a few things before you buy your curtains.  

1. Pre-plan what colour is needed for walls. Then buy curtains matching that colour. If walls have light shade, choose contrast dark shade curtains. If dark colour is chosen for walls, buy light shade curtain of the same colour.

2. For rough walls without paint, choose colours quite matching its colour tone. For brick walls, if you have chosen contrast green colour for curtains, use green colour for bed covers, pillow covers and blankets.

3. To fix curtains, you need to make holes on walls. If it’s done after painting, it can cause damage to painted walls. So the best option is to fix brackets and screws before you paint the house. Curtains can be stitched or bought at the same time. When painting and tile work is complete and the whole house is cleaned, you can fix your curtains.  

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