What’s the right position of AC and Fan in your home interior?

Air Conditioner and fans are the ornaments for your interior. You take great care for buying these items. But what about fixing them. During designing stage itself, you should have a clear idea on where to fix your ACs, fans and of course home furniture. If you take care of these things during planning process itself, there won’t be any difficulty to fix them in your rooms. Yet if you keep into note the following things, the inconvenience in distant future can be avoided.

1. Ceiling fan for big rooms and oscillating fan for small rooms – it’s the absolutely perfect choice.

2. Most people prefer ceiling fans for dining hall. Yet oscillating fan is a better choice, because fan is needed for the people at tables, and not for the food they eat. Also dust particles in the ceiling fan will directly fall into food served on the table.

3. When ceiling fan is fitted just above sitting chairs and also beds, they become efficient. If it’s a small room, fix in the ceiling at exact centre.

4. If it’s oscillating or pedestal fan, place it just opposite the bed or chair you sit.

5. If air conditioner is fixed at height, the whole room will get chilled. But the problem is, it’s difficult to clean. Make sure that your AC is fixed at a reaching position.

6. Never place your air conditioner just above electrical appliances. If there is some leakage problems, it may invite dangers.

7. AC’s back position should never be fixed in a position directly exposed to sunlight, fire, perish or decay.

8. AC should be fixed in a position where maintenance is easy.

9. Air should freely flow from AC without any blocks. In short, free space should be available around your air conditioner.

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