What points are to be noted while you are dieting?

Dieting is good to keep many things in control – Body weight, mental health, sugar levels and cholesterol level. But what are the simple things to be noted while you are dieting? Here I list a few.

1. Eat only fruits with less calories – It’s known to everyone, fried and sweet items should be avoided while dieting and give preference to fruits and vegetables. But most important fact is that only choose low calorie fruits.

2. Water melon, guava, papaya, pine apple and orange can be consumed while dieting. But avoid banana, jack fruit and chiku (sapodilla).

3. Vegetables belonging to tubers such as potatoes, colocasia and elephant yam can increase calories. Instead use tomatoes, okra, bitter gourd, cucumber etc.

4. Fiber rich food like beans, wheat, cauli flower can be included in daily diet. Fiber rich food fills your stomach easily.

5. Include leafy vegetables like palak, spinach etc.

6. Use jaggery, rock candy or palm sugar as an alternative for sugar in your coffee and tea.

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