Three types of blinds common in use

Blinds are simple, stylish and take less space comparing with curtains. That’s why blinds are popular. They can be folded upwards, and mostly used for windows. They are available in different varieties – PVC, Wooden, Venetian etc. Venitian blinds are made by fixing thin aluminum scales vertically. Blinds suing materials – wood, plastic and PVC are also available. Wooden layers are used for wooden blinds. Blinds can be fitted at verandas to prevent raindrops from dropping inside. Some of the common types of blinds available in India are Roman Fabric Blinds, Vertical Blinds and Roller Blinds.

Roman Fabric Blinds are trending at any time. Denim, silk, cotton and jute fabrics can be used for Roman Fabric Blinds. The curtain is stitched as folds. Like a stage curtain, when a thread is pulled, the curtain rises up and it can be tied at the upper end. Any type of cloth can be used to make this type of curtain. Bamboo and banana fiber can also be stitched to get this blind.

Vertical Blinds are mainly used for office interiors. They are designed in a special way using plastic or synthetic strips. Vertical blinds are not common in homes.

Roller Blind is the third common type. They are hooked to light strings and rolled up to open the window and hence got the name. They are also known as Roll-Up blinds. Varieties of clothes, wood, bamboo etc are used to make this type of blind. Fabric roller blinds are easy to use and cheap as well.

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