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Prepare good food, treat guests in a nice manner and keep home tidy –the three most vital things needed when you turn a host/hostess. In most cases, house wife does not get sufficient time to do her makeup. Even if you prepare everything with your good heart, it won’t appeal well to your guests if you look like servant of your home. It’s not needed that you wear expensive costumes, ornaments and do heavy makeup. Guests will feel pleasant if you do your makeup according to the occasion. Let me give you a few handful tips.

1. In most cases, house wife goes to bath after guests have arrived. It should be avoided. You should accept your guests clean and tidy. Complete your kitchen works and dinner arrangements at least one hour before the given time. Then choose a light makeup at least half hour before guests arrive.

2. If it’s a grand evening party keep one dress ironed. In case, dinner damages your cloth, you can change it soon.

3. Avoid light colour costumes as it may get dirt easily. When you serve food running around the dining table, more chances are there to get food stains and water. Dark colours won’t make it easily noticeable. Also avoid full sleeve blouses or churidar tops while serving.

4. Wear the most convenient dress if you are the hostess. Cotton is best. If it’s a simple party of family members choose any casual dress. Kurthi and Chudi bottom is best. If you like long skirt and top, it suits best for such occasions. If party includes your close friends you can choose some funny dress.

5. Avoid extra glittering clothes. Also, try to avoid new expensive clothes. You may care your clothes than your guests.

6. If it’s an official party, linen pants and shirt model top suits best. But if party is outside in a hotel or restaurant, sari is the best option. Avoid heavy saris. Cotton or semi-silk is best.

7. It’s better to tie your hair. Pony hair style is best, if you are the hostess.

8. Use a deodorant after bath. It removes extra sweating while you are busy with serving.

9. Avoid expensive and heavy jewels. Simple necklaces and bangles are best. Beads and terracotta also suit you. It’s better to avoid loose bracelets and lengthy chains.

10. Flat heels is best than high heeled shoes. You can choose half-shoe models too. 

11. Avoid heavy makeup if it’s a simple party. Avoid heavy foundation and dark colour lipstick. Since hands are noted first, never forget to use moisturizers. You can apply nail polish to your nails one day before.

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