M-Sand – The best substitute of sand for your construction

Sand is a vital constituent used for concreting buildings. It’s mixed in suitable proportions with cement for concreting your homes. But due to many reasons including non-availability of sand and eco problems due to mining in river banks, sand is scarce nowadays. Also its price has shoot up in the recent time. That’s the reason why everyone looks for its substitute – an easily available one, durable, strong and cost effective. The first alternative that comes to mind is of course M-Sand, the abbreviate name of Manufactured Sand.

Now M-sand with exactly the same granules of sand has arrived in the market. Companies claim that their compound structure is very much similar to natural sand and is granule or spear in shape. As all particles are of uniform size and shape, with no curved edges plastering is so easy. It helps in reducing the total cement needed for home construction also, thus reducing the construction cost. In Kerala, this new type of sand is a product of ‘Green field sand’.

Manufactured Sand holds all the essences of natural and river bank sand, yet people are still confused to use it for home construction purposes. Nowadays M-Sand is most commonly used for exterior like concreting walls and wells. Yet due to non-availability of river sand, many people are experimenting with M-sand for constructing homes also. It’s very economic.

The exact photocopy of sand – new product of M-Sand

Special technology and machines are used for the manufacturing of M-Sand. In normal cases, water is added to rock in a proportion and powdered to make M-Sand. But in the newly made ‘photocopy of sand’, water is not added and VSI crusher machine is used for this purpose. In normal quarries big rock pieces are used for powdering. If it’s the case of newly manufactured M-Sand, small metal pieces of ¾ inch sizes are crushed to produce M-Sand. Also, impurities are cleaned by using high pressure and air instead of water. This process helps the constructors to use this M-sand for plastering without cleaning. Even if cleaned, it never forms a mixture similar to mud.

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